Manager Certification Program

Launched in 2020, the Manager Certification Program empowers aspiring and existing supervisors/managers with a curriculum designed to hone essential skills and knowledge.

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Build your toolkit and accelerate your leadership growth!

Manager Certification Program Overview

Research shows that leadership potential is developed three distinct ways:

  • on-the-job (OJT) work experience,
  • coaching/mentoring from the person’s supervisor and/or other key individuals, and
  • formal classroom/virtual training.

A good manager must be able to handle a variety of situations. The courses in this program range in competencies and topics that will help a manager navigate these situations. These courses are offered on a variety of platforms from attending in-person instructor-led courses to online such as through our Learning Management System, Zoom, and Canvas.

This program includes a core curriculum and a set of elective courses. Leading others requires individuals to acquire and grow a new set of skills and abilities. The courses in this program have been chosen to provide leads, supervisors, managers, and individuals looking to move into one of these roles with foundational tools to help them be successful. Developing as a leader goes beyond attending formal courses.

How to develop a leader pie chart. OJT experience 55%, Coaching 35%, Training 10%

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can further customize this program for your department, please feel free to reach out to the Learning and Development team at

Self-Paced Track

The self-paced Manager Certification Program is designed to empower aspiring and existing supervisors and managers with a flexible online curriculum designed to hone essential skills and knowledge.

The self-paced option for this program takes approximately 12-14 months to complete.

You can monitor your own progress through a set of core programs consisting of 3 or more electives.

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Cohort Track

The Manager Certification Program Cohort Track offers a unique 8-month in-person experience designed to propel aspiring and existing managers to new heights. Gain foundational skills and knowledge alongside a supportive cohort, fostering collaboration and real-time learning.

Learn and collaborate with a cohort 1 day per month on campus.

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