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See what graduates of the Manager Certification Program have to say about their experience.

The program guides you through various competencies to build your capacity to manage teams effectively. I found it extremely helpful as I’m new to my role managing people to identify my strengths, what I need to improve on, and have the training/tools available to me through this program. The program takes time but don’t rush it. It’s important to allow yourself the time to process after trainings/classes and try the new things that you learn.

Alejandra Santisteban - Graduated 09-29-23

I cannot emphasize what a HUGE difference having gone through the Manager Certification program has had on me both professionally and personally. Every topic in today’s working environment is covered at one point or another from managing virtual teams to having difficult conversations, identifying your leadership personality and using it to your advantage, and even developing well-thought-out goals for your employees. I can’t even begin to point out how helpful the manager Zoom meetings are because these are small groups where we discuss what we are learning and how it relates to past or current situations we are dealing with in our work environment.

On top of having great materials, a wide range of great classes, and amazing instructors, the opportunity to network with current managers and managers-in-the-making is something I have not found anywhere else. The connections and friendships I’ve made through this program are going to stay with me and make my life easier as I continue to grow my career at the university.
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Jerman Lopez - Graduated 08-01-23

Attending the courses offered by the Manager Certification Program has opened a new world for me. Each course gave me the "trailhead" to start walking that path. I learned so much, and I am tremendously thankful to all the instructors and moderators for sharing their knowledge and providing support along the process to questions related to the course's content and beyond. It has also allowed me to network and develop relationships with great people I would have never met otherwise. Thank you so much to all of you.
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Silvia Aparicio

Being a first-time manager comes with a whole different set of challenges and obstacles that I was not properly prepared to handle. During my time in this program, with the help of the incredible instructors and peers, I have become more equipped to handle almost any type of situation that may arise. From being more understanding to getting the most out of my team. I would like to thank the team of instructors for their time and dedication to me and all the other participants. I know that if I have any other questions in the future, they will be there to help me out. Thanks again!
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Jim Martinez Graduated – 11/03/2022

I absolutely loved taking the courses in the manager certification program! I was able to immediately apply the skills I learned in each class to everyday work situations which greatly helped me to advance my goal of becoming the most effective manager that I could be. The instructors were very knowledgeable and presented the material in an interesting and logical manner. The content, whether it was on managing virtual teams, communicating as a leader, or emotional intelligence (my favorite), covered all the bases and made me think critically and deeply about how to handle different situations. The breakout rooms with classmates were illuminating; it was great to hear what others were experiencing in the workplace and to exchange different points of view. I highly recommend this program as an important tool for success in any role!
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Debbie Hill - Graduated 07/15/2022

The Management Certification Program is definitely a commitment, however, the tools and resources that I gained throughout the program are incredible. The content was diverse, thorough, and provided a new perspective on my interactions and previous experiences. I learned about short-comings as well as strengths I was unaware I was in possession of. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to gain a broader perspective of what being a manager entails or to help a manager hone their skills in the new environments we find ourselves in.
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Angela Kirkpatrick - Graduated 03/29/2022

I strongly encourage anyone looking to develop their leadership skills to enroll in the Manager Certification Program. The great thing about the program is that you’re able to work through the courses at your own leisure. This allows individuals to truly get the best, tailored experience for them. Additionally, the quarterly zoom meetings were invaluable. Not only did we discuss specific topics during these meetings, but we also got to hear from our peers on their day-to-day struggles and some of the tools they use to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and communication. The courses also provided tangible ideas/suggestions to become a better leader. I highly recommend this program!
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Morgan Hubbard - Graduated 01/27/2022

I considered the Manager Certification Program to be both a professional and personal growth experience. Many of the courses gave me opportunities to improve myself in both important realms of my life. From “Crucial Conversations” and “Establishing Relationship Trust” to “Continuous Improvement: Understanding Current State” and “From Bias to Active Allyship”, I benefited from this program in all areas of my life. I particularly enjoyed the quarterly group discussion with other manager trainees where we could share our ideas and receive a copy via Padlet. Finally, the Manager Certification Teams page with helpful articles and group discussions has been a useful part of this training program.
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Shannon McWilliams - Graduated 12/22/2021

The first step to becoming an exceptional leader is to understand that leadership is more than just a position. Being a good leader involves developing exceptional emotional intelligence, communication, conflict management, strategic planning, and productivity skills. I wanted to make a conscious decision to be someone worth following and wanted to brush up on these skills. This Manager Certification Program includes the fundamentals for leading a team successfully. The Learning & Development Team make the journey fun and allow you to engage with other leaders throughout the University in various platforms. I learned so much and am energized to lead by example!
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Gloria Valdez - Graduated 08-02-23

The Manager Certification Program is an extremely worthwhile experience that provides a wide variety of tools and strategies for managing teams both large and small. It was a great opportunity to learn the foundations of successful management as well as a chance to learn more about myself as a leader and where I can improve. I would highly recommend this program to both new and experienced supervisors looking to build their skills as an efficient and effective manager.
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Jennifer Cathcart - Graduated 05-24-23

This management training program has equipped me with the skills to influence decision-making, to create efficient processes and to develop an environment in which all team members are aligned on a common goal for supporting the University's Vision and Mission.

Chrystelle Garat-Carter - Graduated 05-24-23

Participating in the Manger Certification Program was extremely valuable to me. I not only gained professional skills from a number of different areas, but I also gained networking experience that spanned over both campuses. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to grow as a professional leader and/or anyone who is already a manager and is looking to strengthen and expand their horizon. Thank you to the whole HR Learning and Development team for this wonderful opportunity!

Lacey Klindt

I am immensely grateful that CU Denver developed this program for managers. There is no guidebook to becoming a successful manager, so for me, becoming a first-time manager was intimidating. With the help of this program, I feel much more confident in my leadership skills and capabilities. Thank you!
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Nicole Leonhard Graduated - 10/04/2022

As a longtime CU employee, I am always looking to grow my skillsets, professional development, to be a lifelong learner, and to have good career growth in the CU system. The pandemic seemed to be a perfect time for me to focus on these goals by taking the CU Manager Certification Program and I’m so glad I did! I learned so many important skills: how to lead effective meetings (virtually or in-person), what emotional intelligence is and how it affects success in the workplace, how to have effective communication skills and to practice active listening, and the importance of setting aside time to focus on high-impact goals and proactive work. Debra Lammers and Kaitlin Norris are fantastic at leading these courses and are a great asset to all faculty and staff at CU. Thank you for this certification program and keep up the great learning and development work!
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Holly Ables - Graduated 04/14/2022

The Manager Certificate Program has been a wonderful professional development opportunity. I appreciate that it’s an opportunity available to all staff, whether they are currently in a manager role or not. I’ve found myself incorporating a lot of what I’ve learned throughout the program into my everyday work, whether that is better time management, improved communication, or self-awareness. The facilitators have all been great. I encourage anyone interested in professional development opportunities to enroll.
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Noreen Khan - Graduated 02/01/2022

I cannot say enough good things about the Manager Certification Program offered by the University of Colorado. The curriculum is finely tailored to the current hybrid work environment that so many of us are experiencing and offers insights into diverse perspectives and backgrounds of professionals with expertise in areas including project and performance management, conflict resolution and continuous improvement methodology just to name a few. The program is also self-paced which allows it to fit into almost any schedule seamlessly. I highly recommend enrolling to anyone that wishes to grow their resume and expand their network!
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Sarah Spurlock - Graduated 11/02/2021

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this valuable program.

Kayla Bundo

I have worked for CU for 7.5 years and have been a manager for over 15 years. This is the first time I took a course like this and felt that it was very helpful. There was a lot I learned and know I will continue to use it going forward. I am very grateful that CU and my supervisors supported this program I hope to continue to use all the tools and resources available.
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Erica Manuel

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