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The Learning and Development Team's goal is to assist individuals with identifying programs and resources that help empower them to chart a personalized journey.

Explore this page for information on a variety of programs and resources currently offered by the Learning and Development department.

The L&D Team understands that careers at CU Anschutz are extensive and diverse.

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Manager Certification Program

Research shows that leadership potential is developed three distinct ways:

  1. on-the-job (OJT) work experience,
  2. coaching/mentoring from the person’s supervisor and/or other key individuals, and
  3. formal classroom/virtual training.

A good manager must be able to handle a variety of situations. The courses in this program range in competencies and topics that will help a manager navigate these situations. These courses are offered as instructor-led or online self-paced.

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HR Professional Development Program

The Learning and Development team is excited to offer a new cohort-based Human Resources (HR) Professional Development Program.

The courses in this program have been chosen to provide entry to mid-level HR Professionals across the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, foundational tools to help them be successful. The curriculum in the program centers around seven different competencies: University Acumen, Human Resources Expertise, Relationship Management, Communication, Leadership, Ethical Practice, and Consultation.

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CU Manager Essentials Program

The CU Manager Essentials Program is your key to a successful and fulfilling career at CU Anschutz.

To equip you for success, this multi-part program offers a comprehensive online curriculum tailored to our unique university environment. Dive into university-specific topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, HR policies and procedures, and more.

Enroll today and embark on your leadership journey with confidence.

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Administrative /Executive Assistant Development Program

The Learning and Development Team is excited to announce expanded support for your professional growth.

We've hand-picked valuable modules from LinkedIn Learning to address your specific needs. These modules are an excellent starting point to empower you to take control of your professional journey.

In the coming months, we are partnering with CU subject matter experts to craft customized modules that will be conveniently accessible via our learning management system (LMS).

Explore this page for current learning opportunities and additional resources.

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