Administrative/Executive Assistant
Professional Development Program

The Learning and Development Team is excited to announce expanded support for your professional growth. We've hand-picked valuable modules from LinkedIn Learning to address your specific needs. These modules are an excellent starting point to empower you to take control of your professional journey.

In the coming months, we are partnering with CU subject matter experts to craft customized modules that will be conveniently accessible via our learning management system (LMS).

Explore this page for current learning opportunities and additional resources.

Upskill your administrative expertise with enhanced learning opportunities!

Administrative/Executive Assistant Development Program

The Administrative/Executive Assistant Development Program comprises a set of self-paced modules accessible via LinkedIn Learning or SkillSoft for CU-specific modules created by CU subject matter experts. Furthermore, you will discover supplementary resources designed to assist you in your development journey as a support person within the CU Community.

Who this set of programs for?

Anyone currently in an administrative role—Choose from courses for all level of administrative and executive assistants

Administrative/executive assistants new to the university—Explore courses are specific to understanding how things work within the university system

Anyone in a support role (i.e., development assistants, project coordinators, etc.)—Select courses will benefit you in supporting managers and executives at the university.

Benefits of professional development:

  • Enhanced skills and competencies
  • Adaptation to changing roles
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Career advancement potential
  • Contribution to organizational success
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved communication
  • Personal growth and confidence


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Administrative Assistance Certification Courses on LinkedIn

Career Essentials in Administrative Assistance

Career Essentials in Administrative Assistance, learn what it takes to succeed as an administrative assistant. Woman wearing headphones and looking at a laptop screen

Topics Covered:

  • Administrative Professional Foundations
  • Administrative Professional Tips
  • Communication Foundations
  • Getting Started with Microsoft 365
  • Optimizing Your Work with Microsoft 365
  • Collaborating with Microsoft 365
  • Tips for Writing Business Emails
  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Note-Taking for Business Professionals

Essential New Skills in Professional Administration

Essential New Skills in Professional Administration. New skills can lead to new opportunities. Woman standing over a desk writing on a notepad and looking at a laptop screen

Topics Covered:

  • Administrative Professional Foundations
  • Administrative Professional Tips
  • Job Interview Tips for Administrative Assistants
  • How to Set Goals When Everything Feels Like a Priority
  • Asserting Yourself, an Empowered Choice

Microsoft Office Courses on LinkedIn (Coming Soon)

CU Specific Courses in SkillSoft

Courses currently being developed. Come back periodically for updates on availability


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