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About Human Resources Operations

The Human Resources Operations team offers consulting services, advice, support and referrals to employees, supervisors, and managers who have questions or need assistance with the following:

Hiring Resources

  • University Staff
  • Faculty Postings and Appointments
  • 9-Month Temporary
  • PRA Postings
  • Faculty and Staff Working Retirees

Employee Resources

  • Employment Verifications
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)
  • Name Change Requests

HCM Resources

  • Personnel Matters Report
  • 2nd-Level Budget Approval Request
  • Award Recognition Programs
  • Honorarium Processing

Records Requests and Retention Policy

  • Open Records Requests
  • Record Retention Policy
  • Personnel Record Retention Schedule Guidelines

Background Checks

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus performs background checks as a condition of employment and appointment.

The background checks are initiated for final Candidates identified for appointments at the request of the hiring/appointing authority once such finalists are identified. The criminal history will not be provided or considered prior to making job offers.

Candidates will be asked to provide personal data and sign an electronic background consent form through HireRight before the background checks are conducted. Final Candidates who fail to provide the data and authorization will not be allowed to begin work.

Background checks always include review of criminal records, sex offender checks, and excluded/denied parties checks and may, for designated positions, require check of any or all of the following: civil, financial/credit, motor vehicle, and other checks.

Background checks should only be requested by HR Business Partners.

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus strives to maintain a safe and productive educational, clinical, research and employment environment. All prospective employees and current employees must, therefore, consent to and pass background checks prior to any final appointment/employment.

Hiring Resources

I-9 Resources

Resources for HireRight I-9 E-Verify processing. Information includes HireRight I-9 access, I-9 training and additional resources.

University Staff Search and Hiring Process

Resources for hiring university staff.

Faculty Posting and Appointment Type Processes

Resources for hiring Faculty. This includes Tenure Track, Non-Tenure Track, Clinical, Research and Post-Doctoral Fellows.

9-Month Temporary Postings and Hires

Positions are limited to nine months of continuous employment with a four month break OR nine months of employment in any 12 month period followed by a four month break. One day worked in a month is equal to one month towards the nine month period. Temporary employees are paid on a bi-weekly/hourly basis.

Professional Research Assistant (Research Associate Series) Posting and Appointment Type Processes

Resources for hiring Professional Research Assistants (PRAs). Information includes search & hiring processes, onboarding, compensation, performance management, leave and separation.

Hiring Process Faculty and Staff Working Retiree—PERA and ORP

Per APS 5054, Retirees may be hired into university staff or classified staff positions but are limited to a 9-month, 12-month or other defined project period. Central HR reviews all Retiree hire requests.

Employee Resources

Employment Verifications

Need to provide proof that you’re a University of Colorado employee, or are you requesting documentation of an employee’s status? The University of Colorado uses CCC Verify for employment verification.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

As a CU employee, you may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) — a program that incentivizes college graduates who work in the public sector.

Name Change Requests (PDF)

Name change requests instructions.

HCM Resources

Personnel Matters Report

A Personnel Matters Report, also known as a PMR, is a summary report of actions created by the School, College, department or administrative unit in Human Capital Management (HCM). PMRs, as delegated by the Chancellor, are required. Click "view the process" to learn more about this requirement.

2nd-Level Budget Approval Request

2nd level approvals are required for positions with 610/611 state funded speed types.

Award Recognition Programs Review and Approval

In striving to create and sustain an encouraging and supportive work environment for its employees, the University may hold a recognition event (which is a type of official function) to recognize employees and/or present an award, reward, or prize (which can be cash, cash-like, or non-cash) to an employee.

Honorarium Processing—One-Time Service

To authorize payments of honoraria greater than $100 to associates/other individuals. (Payments of honoraria to CU employees must be processed in HCM.)

Records Requests and Retention Policy

Human Resources Operations Team

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Megan Bohn

HR Operations Director


Phone: 303-724-7648

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Valerie Vickers

Sr. Human Resources Professional


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Lynn Sullivan

Sr. Human Resources Professional


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Franny Spademan

HR Principal Professional - Lead


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Elizabeth (Betsy) Ressler

Human Resources Professional


Phone: 303-724-6760

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Silvia Amaro

Business Operations Specialist


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Natalie Riepe

Human Resources Professional


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Rachael Katz

HR Operations Specialist


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Molly Spooner

HR Operations Specialist


Phone: 303-724-6807

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