Employee Relations and Performance

The Employee Relations and Performance Department offers consulting services, advice, support, and referrals to employees, supervisors, and managers who have questions or need assistance with the following:

  • Policy and rule interpretation and application
  • Performance management
  • Education and development
  • Management and organizational consulting
  • Communication efforts
  • Managing Family Medical Leave and Parental Leave
  • Classified staff grievances
  • Progressive discipline including corrective actions /disciplinary actions for classified staff
  • At-will terminations
  • Unemployment hearings
Supervisors should contact an Employee Relations and Performance consultant prior to beginning the progressive discipline process, responding to a classified staff grievance or when considering termination of an at-will employee.
Staff profile image - Brad Mathers

Brad Mathers

Director of Employee Relations and Performance
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Michele Padilla

Principal Human Resources Consultant / HRBP
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Tina Batiste

Principal Human Resources Consultant
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Steven Blackwell

ADA Coordinator
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Barbara Barnes

Principal Human Resources Consultant
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Richard Benson BS BA

Principal Human Resources Consultant
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Trevor Mead

HR Professional

Human Resources

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