Awards and Recognition Programs

In striving to create and sustain an encouraging and supportive work environment for its employees, the University may hold a recognition event (which is a type of official function) to recognize employees and/or present an award, reward, or prize (which can be cash, cash-like, or non-cash) to an employee.

Program Approval Process

Please review recognition program requirements to verify if a program is needed and who is required to approve it.

  1. Complete the Recognition Program Authorization Form.

  2. Send a draft to the appropriate reviewer:

    1. University of Colorado Denver:
    2. University of Colorado Anschutz:
      1. School of Medicine:
      2. Not School of Medicine:

  3. HR will review program and return to HRBP for signature routing.

  4. HRBP sends full executed form back to to be entered into database.

Authorization & Reporting Forms

Human Resources

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