Presentations—whether internal or external—are valuable opportunities to promote and share the CU Anschutz identity and brand.

Best practices for presentations are as follows:

  • Make CU Anschutz affiliation obvious. Correct and prominent use of our name, logo, official colors, typeface and core brand messages ensures your presentation benefits from the greater awareness and brand equity of the campus identity.
  • Be concise and compelling. Use memorable content along with strong imagery to engage viewers and offer a visually diverse presentation.
  • Be strategic. Know your audience, the intended result of the presentation and how it fits into both your communications and operations strategy, and that of the campus.
  • DO NOT include multiple CU logos on the same slide. When multiple units are involved, use the parent school or unit logo instead. When in doubt, use the CU Anschutz logo and identify specific schools and units in content.

Presentation templates are available for download at

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