Students are the heartbeat of the Neuroscience program. With their energy, creativity and fearlessness, they drive cutting edge research in diverse labs across campus. They are close-knit and supportive through their successes and challenges. Students are highly motivated and compete exceptionally well for national fellowships from NIH and NSF. The program actively recruits minority students, and women make up over half the current student population.

Current Students


NameYear Matriculated/Degrees AwardedMentorResearch
Victoria Chang2022Rotating 
Daphne Quan2022Rotating 
Maham Haq2022Rotating 
Ami Haas2022Rotating 
Crystal Minjarez2022Rotating 
Jose Riguero2022Rotating 
Lisa Hirt2022Rotating 

Paige Hoffman 

Kristen Schuster2022Rotating 
Joy Adler2022Rotating 
Graham Peet2021Macklin 
Luke Blecker2021Bankston/Proenza 
Mayra Bueno Guerrero2021Dabertrand 
Subash Lamichhane2021Christie 
Tessa Allen2021Macklin 
Aleezah Balolia2021 (BSP)Franco 
Harrison Ramsay2020Kennedy 
Kim Gagnon2020Welle 
Luis Gomez Wulschner2020Oh 
Madisen Mason2020Franco 
Matthew Larsen2020Bayer 
Matthew Sergison2020Tollin 
Becca Roth2020Aoto 
Sarah Wolfe2020Smith 
Jordan Hickman2020Denman 
Christina Como2019Siegenthaler
Courtney Dobrott2019Person 
Jose Vigil2019QuillinanI study learning and memory in the context of neuronal injury.
Michael Stockton2019Hughes 
Robin Vareed2019Peters 
Sam Budoff2019Poleg-Polsky
Tirone Johnson2019Patel 
Keenan Kushner2018Huntsman 
Joshua Hunt2018Poleg-Polsky and FelsonI am characterizing retino-collicular connectivity using cell-type specific 2P optical recordings in whole-retina explants or the superficial layer of the superior colliculus of awake mice. The goal of my research is map retinal ganglion cell subtype to visual behaviors focusing on peri-saccadic suppression of visual sensitivity.
Jungmin Kim2018AotoStudying dynamics of Neurexins in response to drug exposure
Natalie Carey2018AppelI am interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms through which oligodendrocytes myelinate axons during development
Roberto Ogelman2018OhCharacterizing the effects of serotonin on neuronal development in the prefrontal cortex at a cellular and molecular level.
Rongchen Huang2018WelleI am now using mice models to investigate the effects of vagus nerve stimulation on oligodendrogenesis during a food pellet reaching task. Another project is to identify the movement-related neurons in a milk-reaching task using 2P imaging and understand the changes of the correlation of these neurons over time in a reaching-task context.
Samantha Bromley Coolidge2018AppelMy research focuses on the non-myelinating functions of oligodendrocyte precursor cells.
Theresa Welle2018SmithCurrently studying the molecular mechanisms underlying inhibitory synaptic plasticity
Juan Santiago-Moreno2018Denman 
Ellen Ford2017Patel 
Hannah Actor-Engel2017KennedyI'm interested in molecular changes involved in excitatory synaptic plasticity. Specifically, I'm looking at how acute doses of amyloid beta protein disrupts NMDA receptor function.
Katlin Zent2017Dell'Acqua
Michael Thornton2017HughesOligodendrocyte plasticity
Monica Benson2017TollinI study cochlear synaptopathy, specifically how loud noise exposure affects binaural hearing and hearing thresholds.
Nicole Rumian2017BayerThe role of CaMKII nitrosylation in age-related cognition and LTP impairment.
Spencer Bowles2017WelleI study the role that the Basal Forebrain plays in motor learning using in vivo optogenetics and electrophysiology. Additionally, I study possible mechanisms of action for Vagus Nerve Stimulation.
Zoe Owrutsky2017TollinDissecting the circuitry of sound localization in the auditory brainstem using ontogenetic and electrophysiological techniques in vivo.
Myriam Moreno-Garcia2016QuillinanStudying the role of the cerebellum in cognition via a cerebellar stroke mouse model using electrophysiology, biochemistry and behavioral analysis
Taylor Yamauchi2016FelsonCerebellar influence on orienting movements
Emma Boxer2016AotoThe role of Neurexins in mediating synaptic transmission and circuit formation
Brigit High2016FingerTaste bud function


NameGraduatedMentorCurrent Position
L. Dailey Nettles2022Welle 
Sarah Zych2022Ford 
Jesse Gilmer2022Person 
Dylan Calame2022Person 
Stephanie Garcia2022Freed 
Anand Tekriwal2022Felsen 
Dylan Verden, PhD2022MacklinResearch Engagement Director, KIF1A.ORG
Nicholas George, PhD2021RestrepoScientific Consultant, The BioTeam, Inc.
Karlie Fedder-Semmes, PhD2021AppelScientific Grant Writer, EpiCypher, Inc.
Francesca Manzella, PhD2021TodorovicPostdoc, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Noah Goodson, PhD2020BrzezinskiDirector, THREAD
Shelly Jones, PhD2020ZylberbergJuvenile Justice Resource Analyst, Colorado Department of Human Services
Matthew Becker, MD, PhD2020PersonMedical School (MD/PhD), University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Theodore Doykos, PhD2020FelsenPostdoc, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Alison Hixon, MD, PhD2019TylerMedical School (MD/PhD), University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Marisa Deguzman, PhD2019FrankMedical Writer, Oxford PharmaGenesis
Eartha Guthman, PhD2019HuntsmanPostdoc, Princeton University
Julbert Caneus, PhD2018PotterScientist, Sanofi
Courtney Wilson, PhD2018KinnamonPostdoc, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Christy Niemeyer, PhD2018PersonPostdoc, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Alexander Ferber, MD, PhD2017TollinUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Kelsey Anbuhl, PhD2017TollinPostdoc, New York University
Andrew Bubak, PhD2017SwallowAssistant Professor, Univeristy of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Emily Sharpe, PhD2017ProenzaEngagement Manager, Trinity Life Sciences
Dayton Goodell, PhD2017BayerPostoc, University of Utah
Eamon Quick, PhD2017TylerAssociate Tutor, Swell Education
Elizabeth Gould, PhD2017RestrepoPostdoc, UT Health San Antonio
John Soltys, MD, PhD2016BennettNeurology Residency, University of South Alabama
Mario Lintz, MD, PhD2016FelsenPsychiatry Residency, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Christopher Knoeckel, MD, PhD2016RiberaInstructor, Univeristy of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Jason Smucny2016TregellasAssistant Professor, Univeristy of California Davis
Jennifer Pearson-Smith2016PatelScientific Program Manager, Taconic Biosciences
Jared Ahrendsen, MD, PhD2015MacklinResident, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Ajay Thomas, MD, PhD2015Brooks-KayalBaylor College of Medicine
Joseph Zak, PhD2015SchoppaAssistant Professor, University of Illinois Chicago
Chelsea Corser-Jensen, PhD2015HeidenreichMedical Science Liaison, Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Scott Goulding, PhD2015CaldwellSenior Scientist, BioNTech S.S.
Vanessa Carmean, PhD2015RiberaChief Commercial Officer, Agathos
Tara Carlisle, MD, PhD2014RiberaNeuropsychiatry Fellow, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Pirooz Parsa, PhD2014VijayaraghavanSenior Neurology Regional Medical Liaison, Bristol Myers Squibb
Jonathan Murphy, PhD2014Dell'AcquaPostdoc, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
Daniel Raible, PhD2014Brooks-KayalField Technical Consultant, Medtronic
Jonathon Keeney, PhD2014SikelaAssistant Professor, George Washington University
Pamela Lopert, PhD2014PatelPresident, Clinical Research Consultant, PNL Clinical Science Consulting LLC
Emily Aurand, PhD2014BjugstadDirector of Roadmapping and Education, Engineering Biology Research Consortium
Shane Rowley, PhD2014PatelSenior Scientist, Recursion
Kathryn Bercury, PhD2014MacklinMedical Science Liaison Lead, TG Therapeutics, Inc.
Cecil Saunders, PhD2013FingerAssistant Professor, Wake Forest University
Kalen Dionne, MD, PhD2012TylerInstructor, Washington University in St. Louis
Jennifer Whitesell, PhD2012SchoppaAssociate Director, Cajal Neuroscience
Frances Meredith, PhD2012RennieAssistant Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Arisa Oshimoto, PhD2012Restrepo 
Jonah Scott-McKean, PhD2012CostaPostdoc, Case Western Reserve University
Lisa Wilson, PhD2012RojasOwner, Skriv, LLC
Angela Rachubinski, PhD2011BjugstadAssistant Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Jennifer Thornton2011Tollin 
Heath Jones, PhD2011TollinCo-Founder, H Squared Capital, LLC
Nicole Gravagna, PhD2011RiberaSenior Product Manager, Human Centered Design, interviewIA
Dianna Bartel, PhD2011FingerSenior Scientific Account Director, Ashfield MedComms
Faye Doherty, PhD2011SladekIHC Director, Inotiv
Sruthi Thomas, MD, PhD2010SchoppaAssisitant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Melissa Wright, MD, PhD2010RiberaAssistant Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Joshua Ohrtman2010Beam 
Julie Milder, PhD2010PatelUS Medical Affairs Associate Director, Training and Excellence, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Matthew Pink, PhD2010Dell'AcquaDirector, Business Developmen, Biodesix, Inc.
Eric Neeley, PhD2010LeonardSenior Director, IQVIA
David Cantu, PhD2010PatelDirector, Medical Affairs, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Marc Yonkers, MD, PhD2009RiberaOcuplastic Surgeon, Kaiser Permanente
Santiago Farias, PhD2009HeidenreichSenior Research Scientist, Gilead Sciences
Tianna Hicklin, PhD2009BrowningAssistant Editor, Science/AAAS Custom Publishing Office
Clint Perry, PhD2009Grichtchenko 
David Gire, PhD2009SchoppaAssistant Professor, University of Washington
Monique Beaudoin, PhD2009KrushelAssociate Research Scientist, University of Maryland Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security
Danielle Harlow, PhD2009BarlowSenior Medical Director, EMD Serono, Inc.
Wilder Doucette, PhD2008RestrepoAssistant Professor, Dartmouth
Seth Oliveria, MD, PhD2008SatherNeurosurgeon, The Oregon Clinic
Sarah Stephens, PhD2008Leonard 
Christy Rossi, PhD2008ArtingerAssociate Professor, University of Denver
Angela Tollefson2007Tyler 
Brian Gulbransen, PhD2007FingerAssociate Professor, Michigan State University
Michael Gaffield, PhD2007BetzResearch Fellow, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience
Susan Goody, PhD2007BrowningSenior Director, Head of Toxicology, Moderna
Liam Breeze, PhD2006SatherTechnical Sales Representative, Molecular Devices
Dan Sdrulla, MD, PhD2005StaleyENT-Otolaryngologist, Denver
Christopher Dulla, PhD2005StaleyAssociate Professor, Tufts University
Ferogh Ahmadi, PhD2005ZawadaSenior Marketing Manager, Affymetrix
Enrique Alvarez, MD, PhD2004FreedAssociate Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Joyce Rohan, PhD2004SatherResearch Physiologist, Naval Medical Research Unit
Michael Lee, PhD2003LeonardProfessor, Univeristy of Minnesota
Lone Veng, PhD2002BrowningCEO, ResoTher Pharma ApS
Jo Velardo, PhD1996ZahniserDirector of Research, Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute


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