Neuroscience faculty and students are active members of the Neuroscience Program community. Decisions regarding curriculum, student training, events, recruitment, and admissions are made by dedicated committee members who are invested in the program's success. 


Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Faculty members: Cristin Welle, Ph.D., Chair; Nidia Quillinan, Ph.D., Diego Restrepo, Ph.D., Ernie Salcedo Ph.D., and Ethan Hughes, Ph.D. 

Student members: Crystal Minjarez, Ami Haas, Danae Mitchell, and Subash Lamichhane

Mission Statement | The goal of the Neuroscience DEI committee is to promote equity and inclusion within the neuroscience community by striving for increased representation within our graduate student body and faculty. We also work to promote an inclusive environment for our program member, through outreach, education and actions to improve diversity within our program activities. Our two main goals are as follows:

  • Promote full representation of diverse applicants within our graduate student and faculty recruitment processes.
  • Encourage an inclusive training environment for the current graduate student body and support our students, faculty and staff. 

The DEI committee hosts lunches that revolve around building and inclusive community, and a shared love of free food.

Monthly lunches: Open to all NSP students to participate in a welcoming environment for community building, and educational opportunities to discuss DEI topics with each other.

POC and URM lunches: For our POC and URM NSP students to have a solidarity space where discussions can take place about experiences that differ from their peers.

Cross-program lunch: Our hope is to create more opportunities for NSP students to meet other graduate students in different programs. We hope this expands our NSP community and enriches our students' graduate experience.

Contact the NSP DEI committee at

MembershipGraduate TrainingRetreat
  • Bruce Appel, Chair
  • Anthony Peng
  • Nidia Quillinan
  • Stephen Santoro
  • Kate Smith
  • Joel Stoddard
  • Therese Welle (student)
  • Luis Gomez Wulschner (student)


  • Ethan Hughes, Chair
  • John Bankston
  • Kim Bruce
  • Caroline Dias
  • Gidon Felsen
  • Matthew Kennedy
  • Aurelie Ledreux
  • Alon Poleg-Polsky
  • Kim Gagnon (student)
  • Rongchen Huang (student)
  • Robin Vareed (student)

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