​Thank you for your interest in applying to the Neuroscience Program at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

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The recruitment, retention, and support of students from underrepresented backgrounds is central to the Graduate School's mission. We strive to develop and promote efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion campus-wide.  Application fee waivers are offered to eligible applicants.

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The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Neuroscience Graduate Program is committed to providing equitable access to learning opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities (e.g., mental health, attentional, learning, chronic health, sensory, or physical) who meet the technical standards of the program, with or without reasonable accommodations.

If you are an applicant with a disability who would like to engage in a confidential consultation about disability access at CU Anschutz, or who requires accommodations to complete the application or interview process, please contact The Office of Disability, Access & Inclusion.

Paths of Entry into the Neuroscience Program

Direct entry

The Neuroscience Graduate Program (NSP) admits 7-11 students each fall who apply directly to NSP. Incoming students select one of two training tracks:

  • Rotation Track – Incoming students will do 3 rotations in Neuroscience labs and select a thesis lab at the end of their first year. This is the default track and the significant majority of students are expected to enter through this track.
  • Thesis Lab Track – A limited number of incoming students will skip rotations and join the lab of a thesis advisor with whom they have a strong prior working relationship. Applicants interested in the Thesis Lab Track should contact NSP’s Program Directors Abigail Person and Nathan Schoppa for further information.

Applicants to NSP may apply for either the Rotation or Thesis Lab Tracks but not both tracks simultaneously.

Entry via an Umbrella Program

  • Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) MD/PhD – Applicants wishing to pursue their PhD in Neuroscience as part of the dual MD/PhD program requirements must apply directly to MSTP and select Neuroscience for their PhD training. Learn more about MSTP.
  • Biomedical Sciences Program (BSP) – Applicants wishing to pursue a PhD but desiring the freedom to rotate in labs of Neuroscience and non-Neuroscience faculty may apply to BSP. Learn more about BSP.

Students who enter NSP through BSP or MSTP are granted second-year status, having already chosen a thesis laboratory and conducted laboratory rotations. Applicants may apply to multiple PhD programs simultaneously (e.g., BSP and NSP).

How to Apply

Applications to the Neuroscience Program received by December 1 will be given first consideration for admission to the Fall Semester of the following year, but applications received subsequently may also be considered. Fall Semester classes begin in late August

An application for admission for persons interested in both the rotation- and thesis lab-tracks of entry into NSP must include the following:

  • Graduate School on-line application
  • A $50 (domestic) or $75 (international) non-refundable application fee. An application will not be processed without payment. Fee waivers are available for qualified applicants.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation
  • TOEFL scores and financial support verification (international students)​​
  • One (1) unofficial or official transcript of all academic work completed to date. An official transcript will be required following acceptance to matriculate into our program and must come from the issuing institution directly and sent either electronically or mailed to: 

Electronic Transcripts should be sent to:

If sending a physical transcript, please mail to:

Graduate School
Mail Stop C296
Fitzsimons Building, W5107
13001 E. 17th Place
Aurora, CO 80045

Applicants for the thesis lab-track of entry into NSP are subject to additional application requirements. They should contact NSP Program Directors Abigail Person and Nathan Schoppa for additional information.

International Applicants


Since additional processing is required for international applications, the application may not be complete even if submitted on December 1. Submission by November 1 will ensure time to complete administrative processing before December 1.

Applications submitted between November 1 and December 1 will only be considered if all application components have been received and processed.

International students must meet ALL of the requirements above and those required by International Admissions. 

Visit International Admissions for more information.


Please email the Neuroscience Graduate Program office with any questions at​​


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