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Basics of Gender Affirming Care

| All Day
Patti Jo Wagner
LGBTQ+ people have been historically marginalized and historically underserved in health care settings. Transgender Americans in particular face unique stigma and discrimination in Health Care environments. Through affirming care trainings, health care providers can make an impact on reducing the frequent disrespect and harassment Transgender and Non-binary patients' experiences accessing healthcare.

This session will cover the basics of affirming care, including diagnosing gender dysphoria, and initiation and monitoring hormone therapy for gender transition, including review of risks/benefits, expected timeline, selection/dosing of medications and contraindications. Additionally, preventive care recommendations for TGNB individuals according to
national guidelines will be reviewed. Patient cases will be utilized to synthesize and apply knowledge presented. The session is targeted toward medical providers, but individuals from all professional backgrounds are welcome to attend.

Speaker bios: 
Andrew Miller (he/him/his) provides training, consultation, and capacity building assistance through the Denver Health's LGBTQ Center of Excellence. Specializing in Transgender and Gender Expansive affirming care. Andrew provides trainings spanning across medical systems, public health departments, academic settings, and community-based non-profit programming.
After graduating with a Master's in Multicultural Clinical Counseling in 2019, Andrew combined his over ten years of national training experience with his passion for creating accessible affirming clinical settings and has focused his work towards medical and public health settings. When not at work, Andrew can be found outside in the mountains on an adventure with his dog.
Liz Kvach, MD, MA is a family physician with Denver Health and an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine with the University of Colorado-Denver. She holds a B.A in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Oklahoma, and earned her M.D. from Yale School of Medicine. She completed residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she was trained in compre-hensive care for LGBT patients, including providing gender-affirming hormone therapy for transgender persons.
She currently serves as the Medical Director of Denver Health’s LGBTQ Center of Excellence.

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