We envision every person in Colorado having the opportunity to attain their full health potential.

We work towards ensuring health equity in Colorado. We increase the diversity and distribution of the health care workforce to address healthcare disparities in this state. We support practice transformation throughout Colorado to ensure high quality healthcare delivery for everyone. We serve as the link between Coloradans, state resources, and the resources of Anschutz medical campus to help healthy people thrive in healthy communities.

We, at the Colorado AHEC (COAHEC) state program office, are pleased to announce our new region, Front Range AHEC (FRAHEC). This new entity will serve the counties and communities previously served by Central Colorado AHEC (CCAHEC). CCAHEC is no longer serving the region or its communities with funds provided by the HRSA AHEC Model Grant or the CU Anschutz Medical Campus Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (AMC VCHA). FRAHEC will now provide to these communities, services that include health professions students’ housing needs, preceptor development, community education, and pipeline programs, as well as other activities and outreach in response to the federal and state joint AHEC mission.

 I hope you will find the attached new map showing our regional service areas helpful. 

 FRAHEC plans to open its doors by April 1, 2021. Since January 31, 2021, the COAHEC state program office at Anschutz Medical Campus has handled the work previously done by CCAHEC in the central corridor of Colorado. COAHEC will continue to provide close support to FRAHEC during this transition.

 Please reach out to me or anyone in the COAHEC office if you have any concerns or questions. We also ask you to let us know if you have experienced servicing delays during this transition period because we want to resolve any issues immediately. We are always available to assist with your efforts to provide housing, education, and networking. We value our partnership with each Anschutz Medical Campus school, with all our regional AHECs, and, especially, with you. We remain, as a state program, in tandem with the regional AHEC centers, fully committed to the AHEC mission as we have been since 1979.