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NEAR Recordings

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Provider Burnout and Healing in the Face of a Global Pandemic

| All Day
Patti Jo Wagner
When a clinician exhibits noticeable declines in medical decision making, documentation, bedside manner, or staff interactions, their colleagues and organizations are often quick to blame or punish the person for these behavior changes. But as we look closer, we realize that rapid changes in health care delivery have significantly affected the well-being of clinicians and other workers, along with their loved ones. The depersonalization of care delivery and the absence of systems that measurably improve outcomes have both contributed to a declining sense of personal accomplishment from work. The ever-increasing demands and insufficient job resources for clinicians have driven sustained psychological, emotional, and physical fatigue. This dynamic is only exacerbated by the arrival and now-chronic persistence of COVID-19. Clinicians are learning first-hand that sustained exhaustion is a silent thief of empathy. Just as we know effective systems can lead to the healing of patients, so may certain structures measurably improve the health outcomes of providers. Through stories, this session describes the complex realities facing America’s health care weary workforce and offers practical tools for individuals and a systems approach for organizations to redefine health and well-being at work and beyond.

Recorded at a live event December 8, 2020.
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