Chancellor's Communique

Update on Compensation


This morning, you received a message from University of Colorado President Todd Saliman about compensation increases within the CU system, passed at today’s CU Board of Regents meeting. We would like to take this opportunity to provide additional context for our campus.

The CU Regents supported, and have approved, compensation increases for eligible faculty and non-classified university staff at CU Boulder, UCCS, the CU Denver campus and CU System Administration. As we shared last April, each of the other three campuses and system-level offices shifted their salary cycles from fiscal year (July-June) to calendar year (January-December) last summer. Our campus remained on the existing fiscal year salary cycle.

For CU Anschutz faculty and staff, and dual-campus Central Services and Administration employees, who have remained on our fiscal year salary cycle, the CU Regents previously approved the compensation retention and market adjustment pool that went into effect July 1, 2021. We advocated for last July’s retention and market adjustment pool, despite some early fiscal difficulties, in light of the difficult times our faculty and staff endured throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your continued dedication, and we are extremely grateful to the CU Regents and President Saliman, who facilitated that compensation pool for eligible employees last summer.

President Saliman noted in today’s communique his appreciation for your hard work and commitment, and we echo that sentiment with our utmost sincerity and gratitude. We are tremendously thankful for all that you have done to get us to where we are now, and for the continued strength and talent you bring to CU Anschutz every day.



Don Elliman
Chancellor, CU Anschutz

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