Chancellor's Communique

Updates on Compensation & Tuition, 4-9-21

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Yesterday, the University of Colorado Board of Regents passed two resolutions related to compensation and tuition that affect the CU Anschutz Medical Campus community.

First, the CU Regents approved a 3% compensation budget initiative, geared toward employee retention and salary adjustments necessary for market alignment. This 3% pool allotment will be used by our schools, college and programs as a basis for calculating unit-level salary pools and any needed adjustments, as they finalize the salary-setting process already in progress for fiscal year 2022. 

Compensation increases are determined annually, and until now, have been finalized across the CU system and all four campuses during an annual salary-setting cycle at the end of each fiscal year for the following fiscal year. CU Anschutz will continue to operate on this fiscal year salary cycle timeline (July-June); however, each of the other three campuses and system-level offices will make a shift to using a calendar year cycle (January-December) better aligned with fiscal decision-making in light of fall enrollments. CU Anschutz faculty and staff, and dual-campus Central Services and Administration (CSA) employees, will continue to fall within our existing salary cycle; dual-campus consolidated Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) employees serving both CU Anschutz and CU Denver currently fall under the CU Denver salary cycle.

The second resolution passed yesterday pertains to tuition. While the CU Regents approved “up to” tuition rates varying by program, as well as a 3% undergraduate tuition increase for all CU campuses for the 2021-2022 academic year, not all CU Anschutz schools intend to increase tuition. In order to help offset costs for all CU Anschutz students, we requested and have been granted approval for a one-time, across-the-board 3% tuition “buydown” using federal pandemic relief funds intended for institutional use. This tuition credit will benefit resident and non-resident students alike, in all of our undergraduate and graduate programs, and is possible due to the availability of institutional Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF).

Thank you for your dedication, talent and tireless work in pursuit of our mission. I am proud of all that we continue to accomplish together as a community, and grateful for your commitment to keeping CU Anschutz moving forward.


Don Elliman