CU President's Diversity Fund

The President's Diversity Fund ​application for students, staff, and faculty at CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Event and Professional Development Request/Conference Travel requests must be submitted to the review committee (4) four weeks before the event or conference travel.  

The President's Diversity Fund supports traditional and innovative projects that enhance diversity ("diversity" refers to gender, race, social class, nationality, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and​ Veteran status) within the University of Colorado’s system. Proposals might include requests for:

  • Exhibits, performances, productions, workshops
  • Ethnic/cultural celebrations are designed to enhance the university community’s knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of various cultures
  • Travel funds to strengthen strategies for student networking, professional development, and participation at relevant state, regional, or national conferences
  • Visiting scholars/artists/lecturers​

​Guidelines for Proposals

  1. The “President’s Diversity Fund Review Committee” will review each request and decide how much funding will be granted ($1,000.00 is the max)
  2. An applicant or organization could receive up to $2,000.00 for the academic year with the understanding that priority will go towards organizations/individuals that have not received any funding in the current application cycle.​
  3. The “President’s Diversity Fund” will only fund an event once through a single funding source. Two separate entities will not be funded for a single event.
  4. Projects will be required to provide evidence (letter) that there is a fiscal contribution from the host campus. 
  5. Evidence that the proposed project(s) will benefit the entire campus will receive priority.
  6. Project(s) must indicate that the group/individual will share information about the event with the campus. There will be an end-of-the-year celebration where awardees can share their information.
  7. Staff members submitting proposals on behalf of students must be employees of CU.
  8. Projects that request funding for group travel will be eligible to receive funding for up to two group members. No travel funds will be provided for travel outside the continental U.S.
  9. A written report/summary must be submitted to the Office of Inclusion and Outreach ( within two (2) weeks after the event or travel. Failure to submit this report may be grounds for denying future funding requests.

​The President's Diversity Fund Review Committee includes one faculty member, one staff member, one student member, and one diversity and inclusion representative from each campus.

Applicants must complete either the "Event/Professional Development Application" or the "Travel Application" Request Form.

For more information, please get in touch with Dr. Dominic Martinez.

Office for Educational Outreach and Pathway Initiatives

Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

CU Anschutz

Education II North

13120 East 19th Avenue

Room 5223

Aurora, CO 80045



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