Module Descriptions

Module 1: Unconscious Bias and Virtual Settings (90 minutes)

This module explores how unconscious bias (and microaggressions) manifest in virtual settings through language, symbolism and nonverbal cues.  The module also explores our reactions that can manifest when first discovering our own unconscious biases.

Module 2: From Bystander to Active Allyship (90 minutes)

This module explores what it means to be an active ally, offers strategies to cultivate mindfulness and recognize unconscious bias and provides hands-on skills building to move from being a bystander to an active ally when microaggressions occur.

Module 3: What's in a Name? Equity Concepts (90 minutes)

This module explores equity concepts that are foundational to improve equity at the intersection of critical social identity points (e.g. gender, ethnicity, race and sexual orientation).

Module 4: Leading Through an Equity Lens (90 minutes)

This module explores how to lead through an equity lens.  Whatever your role is in the university, this module provides critical tips on how to lead through an equity lens to create inclusive environments.