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The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is a member of The Conversation, a nonprofit, independent publisher of expert research and news analysis where articles are written and approved by experts and edited by journalists.

The Conversation is a helpful resource for widening the reach of our faculty and researchers’ expertise, with articles syndicated in outlets such as Scientific American and The Washington Post. 

Faculty members who write for The Conversation report that their articles helped elevate awareness around their research to a national and international audience. They have also secured new research collaborations and funding opportunities due to heightened awareness of their research.

Work with The Conversation is led by staff in the CU Anschutz Office of CommunicationsPlease contact if interested in contributing.

About The Conversation

The Conversation commissions academic experts to write explanatory journalism pieces (800-1,000 words) within their specific area of expertise. 

The expert receives one-on-one support from editors who collaborate, advise, edit and provide support to ensure the article reaches a large global audience of general readers. Every article is signed off by the author before being published.


Articles are distributed to millions through The Associated Press, Yahoo! News and Apple News

Articles are picked up by outlets ranging from community newspapers to national and international outlets

Provides experts a greater voice and impact in shaping scientific, cultural and intellectual agendas by having full control of the article’s narrative


of authors received a request for a radio interview or a print interview


said their article resulted in other academic collaboration opportunities


saw an increase in citations of their scholarly articles


used articles or metrics in grants or funding proposals

Gold Diagonals
  • News commentary & analysis
    • Articles about historical perspectives, analysis of events in the news and longer exploratory pieces; stories that shed insight - saying something others in the media aren’t or adding context or research relevant to news events
  • New research & discoveries
    • Articles that share research discoveries or briefs to a wider audience
  • Curiosity pieces
    • Articles about everyday science, basic explainers, scientists at work or ethics and religion
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