Typography plays an important role in establishing and reinforcing our brand. When used thoughtfully and consistently, typography becomes an effective tool for adding visual meaning to our communications.

CU Anschutz's official typeface is Neue Helvetica. It is a highly legible, classic typeface that is suitable for all size placements. It is used equally for headlines and body content and is featured in our logo wordmarks.

In cases where Neue Helvetica is unavailable, Arial may be used as a substitute for print applications.

Neue Helvetica
For Web and digital applications, CU Anschutz's alternative typeface options are Roboto and Source Sans Pro. They are both clean, sans-serif typeface options that closely approximates Neue Helvetica in Web and digital environments.
Source Sans Pro


A limited number of licenses for Neue Helvetica are available, free of charge, to professional communicators who agree to use them within our brand parameters. To request a font package, please view the CU Brand FAQs.

Units and individual users may also purchase Neue Helvetica for their own use from fonts.com.

Source Sans Pro is available for use, free of charge, from Google Fonts.

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