As the primary visual identifier for CU Anschutz, the campus logo – also known as the campus signature – must be used on all forms of communication, whenever and wherever the university is being represented.

Thoughtful and consistent application of the campus logo strengthens recognition for CU Anschutz, helps build a more unified brand and connects us to the University of Colorado system.

The development or use of custom-designed logos or graphic symbols for identification are expressly prohibited for all CU academic, administrative, research and clinical units and groups. More information can be found in CU System Administrative Policy Statement 2025, “University Brand Identity and Trademarks.”

If there are any questions on logo use, please reach out to the Office of Communications.

Visit cuanschutz.imagerelay.com to download CU Anschutz logo artwork in its approved configurations.

View trademark and vendor guidelines here.


Logo Anatomy

The campus logo unites two elements in an intentional and fixed arrangement:

  • The CU icon is comprised of the gold, stylized letters “C” and “U” over a field of black. This graphic is shared across the entire University of Colorado system and used by all CU campuses, schools and units.
  • The wordmark is a custom letterform used in conjunction with the CU icon. Together, these elements appear as a single graphic element and may not be altered, replaced or retyped in any way.


The campus logo is available in three configurations: standard, single-line, and condensed.

Standard Configuration

Standard configuration

Single line configuration

Single-line configuration

Condensed configuration

Condensed configuration


The full-color campus logo is the preferred format and should be used whenever possible. In cases where a full-color logo may not be applicable – for example, black-and-white collateral, single-color embroidery, etc. – a single-color (white or black) version may be used. Recoloring or altering the colors of our logos in any way is prohibited. Color combinations other than those listed below are unacceptable and not permitted for use.


Reverse color

Reverse color (preferred)

Full Color

Full color

1 color white

1-color white

1-color black

1-color black


In order to ensure legibility, the campus signature must not appear smaller than the sizes below:

  • 0.5" tall for print or physical media
  • 40 pixels tall for online or digital media

Logo Min Size


Clear space must always surround the campus logo, to improve visual impact and ensure legibility.

The minimum acceptable clear space is equal to the height of the "U" in the interlocking CU icon as it appears in the campus logo.



The campus logo is a registered trademark and cannot be altered in any way. Always use the University Communications approved official artwork and observe logo standards for color, clear space, and minimum size to maintain consistency and retain the integrity of the CU Anschutz identity. Do not attempt to "design" your own official logo using these guidelines.

The following examples are not permitted under any circumstances.

No Stretch Logo

Do not stretch, condense or distort the logo.

No Retype Logo

Do not replace or retype logo wordmarks.

No Reposition Logo

Do not alter, reposition or rescale the logo elements.

No Add Logo

Do not add text or graphics to the logo.

No Recolor Logo

Do not recolor or redesign the logo.

No Multiple Logos

Do not place multiple CU logos in the same design area.

No Watermarks

Do not use the CU icon or logo as a watermark, background graphic or repeating pattern.

No Effects

Do not add strokes, drop shadows, gradients, additional styling or visual effects.