Outlook Website Version Email Signature Instructions

In an effort to make all University email signatures uniform campus-wide, we have put together some instructions on how to implement our email template based. The instructions below will help you if you are using Microsoft Outlook on your website browser and if you run into any issues, feel free to contact us.

Before you begin, please read all of the steps so you can better understand the process.


Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window and go to "view all Outlook settings." (Note: this is in "The New Outlook")
Web App Email Instructions Step 2
Mobile Email Signature Instructions Step 2


Click on the "compose and reply" option.
Compose and Reply


Next, click on which type of email template you would like to use for your signature. It will open up in a new tab and display like the image below.

Do you need additional/different information?

  • You may replace the www.cuanschutz.edu URL with your official school URL only.
  • Do not use your school or unit logos in email signatures.
  • You may link to your school or unit social profiles in your email signature. These must be official University accounts, registered in the social media directory.
  • If you need additional phone numbers listed, please add them underneath the email and primary phone number and make sure to keep the same styling.

Users may include additional information in text below their email signature, such as messaging, tag lines, or other University-related business so long as it does not impact the format of the template provided and it is officially tied to the University. The use of additional graphics, logos and icons are not permitted to be used in email signatures regardless of University affiliation.


When the window opens, select all (ctrl/command + a), then copy (ctrl/command + c) the signature from the browser window.
Copy Email Signature


Paste (ctrl/command + v) the copied code and customize with your information (name, title, office/department, email, and phone number). Then click Save.
Paste Signature


Now you must make sure to customize the signature with your information.

IMPORTANT: since this template holds formatting you must be very specific about where your cursor is and what you highlight when editing text. 


Lastly, make sure that the two check boxes underneath the email signature are checked, to ensure that when you send a new message or reply/forward a message the signature will automatically be included in the email.

Once that is completed, click "Save."

Signature Settings
Save Settings