Trademarks and Licensing

The University of Colorado’s Licensing and Trademarks Program works to promote, enhance and elevate the image of CU Anschutz by authorizing the use of all university-related names, logos and trademarked identifiers on high-quality and tasteful merchandise.

All apparel and merchandise orders featuring CU names, marks or trademarked elements are required to be produced through a licensed vendor (list of approved vendors below).

The University of Colorado requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies—both internal and external—utilize licensed vendors for any and all apparel or merchandise that display CU proprietary elements, regardless of the method of distribution. This formal licensing program is administered through University Communications and in partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).



Vendors licensed to produce CU Anschutz merchandise, updated March 2021:


From time to time a vendor or other company with which CU works will ask our faculty or staff members to provide testimonial quotes for the vendor’s promotional purposes. This is prohibited under Regent Policy 14B. Endorsements can lead to misunderstandings and to misuse of CU’s name or reputation, or give a vendor an unfair advantage when competing for CU’s business. 

On rare occasions, it may be in the university’s best interest to publicly testify to the qualifications of a vendor or other company or the efficacy of the vendor or other company’s products, goods, services, views or beliefs. In these cases, requests for participation by CU faculty, staff, employees or representatives must be referred to Steve Zweck-Bronner for approval. Steve will review the request and make a determination in writing. Requests should be submitted via email to


For more information on trademarks and licensing, contact

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