As with our still imagery, video and interactive content are some of the strongest ways to reach your audience with memorable, brand-supportive communications.

The following best practices will help your video content support both your unit strategy and the greater CU Anschutz brand.

  • Create for widescreen (16:9) format
  • Include title and closing cards (also known as “bumpers”) with the CU Anschutz logo to clearly identify ownership and affiliation
  • Incorporate the university’s colors and typography into your video’s design (in lower thirds, background graphics, etc.)
  • Observe the approved naming guidelines for all spoken and visual content
  • Develop a content distribution strategy to ensure your content is seen and shared
  • Ensure clear titling for online content. If your content will be housed online (via YouTube, etc.) make sure your video’s title is clear, concise and easy to comprehend

For questions on video and multimedia projects, including help locating resources and vendors, contact


Our online presence is vital to building and maintaining a consistent user experience and connection to the CU Anschutz identity.

To maintain coherence and clarity, a system of interconnected visual templates and guidelines have been put in place for all CU Anschutz school, unit and center websites. This strategy is managed by the Web Governance Group.

Best practices for websites:

  • Make CU Anschutz affiliation obvious. Correct and prominent use of our name, logo, official colors, typeface and core brand messages ensures your web presence benefits from the greater awareness and brand equity of the campus identity.
  • A standard website masthead and footer are required on all university-related sites. Additionally, website masthead images are for use on university websites only. Do not download masthead images for use as logos. Instead, always use an approved unit or campus logo.
  • Consult with University Web Services before beginning any web development or design work.
  • Identify user needs. Conduct a user needs assessment and content strategy before publishing any web projects