Apparel and Merchandising 

The following general guidelines apply to all CU Anschutz-related apparel and merchandise:

  • All apparel and merchandise must be ordered from a licensed vendor. See here for more information.
  • Make CU Anschutz affiliation obvious. Correct and prominent use of our name, logo, official colors and typeface on all apparel and merchandise reinforces the greater awareness and brand equity of the campus identity.
  • The interlocking CU cannot be used by itself or have any artwork behind it or used in conjunction with it. There needs to be a clear space around the lock-up the height and width of the “U” in the interlocking CU when used in conjunction with any artwork
  • Use branded fonts. The wording “University of Colorado,” "CU," and "University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus" or any other campus school name need to be printed in an approved branded font.
  • When embroidering the CU Logo, you do not need to include the campus as part of the signature.
  • When embroidering hats, you may separate the interlocking CU from the "University of Colorado." Both must still appear on the hat, but you can have the interlocking CU on the front and "University of Colorado" on the back.
  • DO NOT include multiple CU logos on the same item of apparel or merchandise.
  • When multiple units are involved, use the parent school or unit logo instead. When in doubt, use the CU Anschutz logo and identify specific schools and units elsewhere.
  • DO NOT use other CU campus athletic or spirit identities to identify CU Anschutz, its schools or units.


The list and visual examples below describe common misuses of CU Anschutz Medical Campus merchandise and apparel:

  • DO NOT use an unlicensed vendor.
  • DO NOT redesign or rework the approved logo.
  • DO NOT include multiple CU logos in the same imprint area.
  • DO NOT use another CU campus mascot or athletic/spirit identity on CU Anschutz apparel and merchandise.

For questions and artwork approval, contact

Apparel Donts

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