Since 1999, the Molecular Biology Graduate Program has been funded by a T32 Training Grant from NIGMS. Thanks to NIH funding each year, we award ten T32 pre-doctoral fellowships.


Meet the MOLB T32 Awardees for 2023-2024

Chloe Briney

Undergraduate: BA, Biochemistry, Grinnell College, 2017

Research: Coming Soon

Lab: Olivia Rissland

Abbie Burtis

Undergraduate: BS, MCDB, University of Michigan, 2020

Research: Coming Soon!

Lab: Matthew Burchill

Destiny DeNicola

Undergrad: BS, Biochemistry, University of Arizona, 2019

Research: Investigating the oxidized low density lipoprotein mediated decrease in liver lymphatic capillary permeability that results from chronic liver disease progression.

Lab: Matthew Burchill

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Undergraduate:  BA, Molecular Biology, Pomona College, 2018

Research: Focus on the application of novel molecular tools to detect and characterize antigen storage within lymphatic stromal cells

Lab: Jay Hesselberth & Beth Tamburini

Roy Khair

Undergraduate: BS, State University of New York, Stony Brook, 2016

Research: Investigating the effect of ethanol intoxication and burn injury on pulmonary antimicrobial peptides and designing stem-cell-based therapeutic interventions to treat lung inflammation.

Lab: Elizabeth Kovacs

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Undergraduate: BS, Molecular Biology, Colorado College, 2019

Research: 2nd Year MOLB Student (BSP 2022)

Lab: Neel Mukherjee & Heide Ford


Bailey McCurdy

Undergraduate: BS, Cell & Molecular Biology, Western Washington University, 2019

Research: Uncovering the mechanism of mother centriole uncapping defects in trisomy 21.

Lab: Chad Pearson

Oscar Munoz

Undergraduate: BS, Physiology, UC San Diego, 2021

Research: Coming Soon!

Lab: Suja Jagannathan

Andrew Neumann

Undergraduate: BS, Cell & Molecular Biology, George Fox University, 2021

Research: Coming Soon.

Lab: Rytis Prekeris

Rachel Sachs

Undergraduate: BS, Biology, Quest University, 2017

Research: Coming Soon!

Lab: Rytis Prekeris