Since 1999, the Molecular Biology Graduate Program has been funded by a T32 Training Grant from NIGMS. Thanks to NIH funding each year, we award ten T32 pre-doctoral fellowships.


Meet the MOLB T32 Awardees for 2023-2024

Cameron Bennett

Undergraduate: BS, Genomics and Molecular Genetics, Michigan State University, 2021

Research: Investigating the role of Vgll3 as a transcriptional regulator in embryonic hindbrain cell fate pathways

Lab: Charles Sagerstrom

Chloe Briney

Undergraduate: BA, Biochemistry, Grinnell College, 2017

Research: I study the maternal to zygotic transition, an important early developmental process where all of the maternally deposited gene products in the egg are replaced by zygotic gene products. Specifically, I’m interested in the mechanisms of maternal protein clearance

Lab: Olivia Rissland

Abbie Burtis

Undergraduate: BS, MCDB, University of Michigan, 2020

Research: The role of T cell accumulation and clonal expansion in the progression of an obesity-associated chronic liver diseases called MASH (metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis).

Lab: Matthew Burchill

Destiny DeNicola

Undergrad: BS, Biochemistry, University of Arizona, 2019

Research: Investigating the oxidized low density lipoprotein mediated decrease in liver lymphatic capillary permeability that results from chronic liver disease progression.

Lab: Matthew Burchill

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Undergraduate:  BA, Molecular Biology, Pomona College, 2018

Research: Focus on the application of novel molecular tools to detect and characterize antigen storage within lymphatic stromal cells

Lab: Jay Hesselberth & Beth Tamburini

Virginia Fogg

Undergraduate:  BS, Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Dallas, 2022

Research: Investigating the molecular mechanisms of genome instability and evolution in S. cerevisiae. 

Lab: Lydia R. Heasley

Roy Khair

Undergraduate: BS, State University of New York, Stony Brook, 2016

Research: Investigating the effect of ethanol intoxication and burn injury on pulmonary antimicrobial peptides and designing stem-cell-based therapeutic interventions to treat lung inflammation.

Lab: Elizabeth Kovacs

Raymundo Lerma

Undergraduate: BS, Molecular Biology, University of Denver, 2016

Research: Uncovering how the regulation of syntaphilin contributes towards mitochondrial dynamics.

Lab: Cecilia Caino

Kate Matlin

Undergraduate: BS, Molecular Biology, Colorado College, 2019

Research: Kate is focused on translation regulation in cancer metastasis. Specifically, she is investigating the role of translation initiation factor eIF3e/d in selectively regulating mRNA translation in hypoxia.

Lab: Neel Mukherjee & Heide Ford


Oscar Munoz

Undergraduate: BS, Physiology, UC San Diego, 2021

Research: Coming Soon!

Lab: Suja Jagannathan

Andrew Neumann

Undergraduate: BS, Cell & Molecular Biology, George Fox University, 2021

Research: Coming Soon.

Lab: Rytis Prekeris

Meet the MOLB T32 INCLUDE Appointees for 2023-2024

Brandon Buck

Undergraduate: BS, Biological Sciences, Florida State University, 2017; MS Cell and Molecular Biology, Florida State University 2020

Research: Characterizing and detecting cancers through the use of subnucleosomal and nucleosomal cell-free DNA found in blood plasma.

Lab: Srinivas Ramachandran

Bailey McCurdy

Undergraduate: BS, Cell & Molecular Biology, Western Washington University, 2019

Research: Uncovering the mechanism of mother centriole uncapping defects in trisomy 21.

Lab: Chad Pearson

Rachel Sachs

Undergraduate: BS, Biology, Quest University, 2017

Research: Investigating the effect of polyglutamylation on microtubule severing during midbody abscission

Lab: Rytis Prekeris

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