Since 1999, the Molecular Biology Graduate Program has been funded by a T32 Training Grant from NIGMS. Thanks to NIH funding each year, we award ten T32 pre-doctoral fellowships.


Meet the MOLB T32 Awardees for 2020-2021

MOLB Chloe Barrington

Undergraduate: University of North Carolina Asheville in 2014, PRA at Duke from 2015-2017

Research: Working in the Rissland Lab discovering how translational elongation speed affects mRNA degradation and protein output.

Lab: Olivia Rissland



MOLB Julia Ceglowski

Undergraduate: BA from Colgate University in Mathematics and Biology

Research: My research focuses on determining the function of TTLL12 in mitotic spindle assembly.

Lab: Rytis Prekeris



MOLB Arely Diaz

Undergraduate: University of Texas at El Paso, NIH BUILDing SCHOLAR Fellow, BS in Microbiology

Research: I am working on characterizing how specific RNA-binding proteins, through their RNA-modifying functions, regulate RNAs in the Drosophila fat body to promote metabolic differences. My work will elucidate how male and female metabolism is established and regulated at the molecular level.

Lab: Tania Reis



MOLB Reann Goering

Undergraduate: BS in Biochemistry from Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota

Research: Mechanisms of RNA localization in intestinal epithelia

Lab: Matt Taliaferro

MOLB Katie Hoff

Undergraduate: University of Minnesota and received my BS in Biochemistry in 2018

Research: Broadly, I study the regulation of microtubule networks in migrating neurons. I'm particularly interested in understanding how the different conformational states of tubulin affect the intrinsic and extrinsic regulation of microtubule dynamics, as well as how these regulatory controls impact neuronal cell morphology and migration.

Lab: Jeff Moore


MOLB Hei-Yong Lo

Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis, BA 2015

Research: I study the localization of RNAs to the centrosome. What RNAs are present there? What mechanisms do they employ to get there? What happens when they become mislocalized? I am excited to understand how centrosomal RNAs affect normal and abnormal cell-division.

Lab: Matt Taliaferro


MOLB Evan Morrison

Undergraduate: in Chemistry and BA in Philosophy at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where he used chemical probing to determine higher order lncRNA structures in 3’ untranslated regions in a family of nepoviruses, and how higher order folding directed non-canonical translation initiation.  Additionally, Evan trained in analytic philosophy and studied Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

Research: Evan currently researches the interplay between amino acid levels and and mRNA stability in human cells.

Lab: Olivia Rissland

MOLB Catherine Nicholas

Undergraduate: CU Boulder 2011-2015 BA Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. After, I worked at miRagen Therapeutics in Boulder 2015-2019. 

Research: Now I'm jointly in Jay Hesselberth's (MOLB/BMG/RBI) and Mia Smith's (IMMU/BDC) labs. My brief research description would be: Using nucleic acid-protein conjugates as molecular trackers.

Lab: Jay Hesselberth



MOLB Luuli Tran

Undergraduate: BS in Neuroscience from Indiana University

Research: Understanding the gene regulatory networks that drive neural progenitors in the dorsal forebrain towards an oligodendrocyte fate.

Lab: Santos Franco


MOLB Randi Yeager

Undergrad: Franciscan University of Steubenville, BS in Biology.

Research: I study gene regulation and expression involved in mating-type specification of yeast spores.

Lab: Michael McMurray