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The recruitment, retention, and support of students from underrepresented backgrounds is central to the Graduate School's mission. We strive to develop and promote efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion campus-wide. Application fee waivers are offered to eligible applicants.

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Admissions Philosophy

The goal of the Molecular Biology Program is to train outstanding research scientists, academicians and educators who will become future leaders in Molecular Biology. To accomplish this goal, students are selected who have strong academic records and a demonstrated aptitude, commitment and passion for scientific research. Applicants are considered based on past academic performance, previous laboratory research experience, recommendations and individual interviews. Students most likely to succeed have traditionally been those with intellectual achievement and creativity, first-hand understanding of laboratory research, and a strong personal desire and motivation to progress in their scientific training.

The Molecular Biology Student Handbook.

Entrance Requirements

The Molecular Biology graduate program welcomes applicants from varied backgrounds, however applicants with a good undergraduate background in math and the biological and chemical sciences are most competitive and have performed best in the Program. It is expected that students will have a strong foundation in general and organic chemistry, biochemistry, and cell and molecular biology before entering the Program.

Announcement: The GRE is optional for the Fall 2019 application cycle. Scores will not be accepted for the Fall 2020 application cycle.

How to Apply

APPLICATION will open on September 1st.


To apply for admission applicants must submit the following:

  • Online Graduate School application.
  • A $50.00 domestic and $75.00 international non-refundable application fee [credit card (on-line only), check, or money order]. No application will be processed unless this fee is paid.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation. The most informative letters will come from Professors who have mentored you in your research experiences. Professors who have taught science classes you have been enrolled in, or whom you have worked with in an advisory capacity, are also good choices. We do not recommend that you ask postdocs, technicians or fellow students for letters. Likewise, members of the community are generally not good choices, as typically their understanding of biomedical PhD training, and hence their ability to evaluate your potential, is limited.
  • One (1) official transcript of all academic work completed to date. To be considered "official", the transcripts must come from the issuing institution directly to the University of Colorado Denver Graduate Admissions. 

Electronic Transcripts should be sent to:

OR printed transcripts may be mailed to:

Graduate School
Campus Box 163
PO Box 173364
1380 Lawrence Street Suite 1250
Denver, CO 80205-3364

  • GRE test scores are not required and will not be accepted.
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores and financial support verification (international students only).

Questions should be directed to:

Sabrena Heilman, Program Administrator
Office Phone: (303)724-3245

International Applicants


Applications submitted between November 1 and December 1 may only be considered if complete.

International students must meet ALL of the requirements above and those required by International Admissions. 

Visit International Admissions for more information.