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February 28, 2022

Weekly Campus COVID-19 Updates are discontinued at this time. We will continue to send critical updates via email as needed. Please check the campus coronavirus website and your inbox to stay informed.

A Message from Chancellor Elliman

Caution & Respect During a Time of Transition

As we begin to loosen some of our campus protocols with COVID-19 currently on the decline, let us remember to act with caution as conditions evolve and with consideration for our colleagues and peers.

By adapting to changing campus protocols over the course of the pandemic, you have helped safeguard the health of our community and been essential to moving our mission forward. While today marks an anticipated milestone in our efforts to get through these times together, we should remember that this historic challenge is not fully in our rearview mirror yet. Indeed, we may find we need to reassess our protocols yet again should current COVID-19 trends change direction.

Please do your part to make this time of transition a successful one, and keep in mind that others may have different levels of comfort than you do when it comes to COVID-19 protocols like masking and distancing.

Remember, while those vaccinated and boosted are no longer required to wear a mask except where otherwise required by the unit, program or school or when in clinical environments, anyone may choose to continue wearing a mask and is encouraged to do so at their discretion. If you are vaccinated but have not received your COVID-19 booster, or if you have an approved exemption to the vaccination requirement, please continue to wear a mask and keep your distance on campus. Boosters are highly encouraged for all eligible students and employees. All individuals working in the hospital environments are required to follow their protocols and policies.  

It is understandable that some may be uncomfortable with current protocols. If you have concerns, please reach out to your supervisor or unit head to discuss available options. You may also wish to ask colleagues to wear a mask when entering your workspace or study area, or to keep their distance when gathering together in person. Know that expressing these preferences is welcome as we work through how to make this new phase as successful as possible for everyone.

As always, thank you for helping keep #CUAnschutzTogether. With your cooperation and continued flexibility, we will navigate this next chapter safely and productively as a campus community.

Don Elliman


Masks Optional, but Encouraged - Boosters Highly Recommended

As announced earlier this monthmasks are no longer required of vaccinated and boosted individuals on campus starting today, except when in clinical environments or when otherwise required by a specific unit, program or school.

When in university clinical environments, vaccinated individuals must wear masks. When in affiliate hospital facilities or other off-site clinical locations, please follow the protocols of that facility.

Vaccinated individuals who have not received a COVID-19 booster, and unvaccinated individuals with approved exemptions to the campus vaccination requirement, must continue to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.

While the mask requirement is lifted, please use caution on campus and respect those around you. Masks remain an effective tool and their continued use is encouraged for those who prefer them. Note that some may be required to wear a mask after illness as part of their return to campus.

Anyone may wear a mask at their discretion, and units may choose to implement restrictions including masking to fit their particular circumstances and needs. Visitors and guests must follow the same campus protocols as our students and employees.

COVID-19 boosters are highly recommended for all eligible students and employees. However, individual units, programs or schools may require boosters depending on specific circumstances.

Please note that these and other changes to campus protocols and practices are subject to change as COVID-19 conditions may warrant.

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Campus Protocols

With the lifting of mask and booster requirements, other pandemic-related restrictions have been removed. These include restrictions on where to take breaks and meals indoors, as well as restrictions on meetings, gatherings and events.

Please continue to self-report your status if you develop COVID-19 symptoms, test positive or may have been exposed.

You can find the latest guidance on the campus coronavirus website. We will continue to share any changes to protocols via email as needed.

Review Campus Protocols

COVID-19 Testing Options

Many free COVID-19 testing options are available for you and members of your household, including testing through our partner COVIDCheck Colorado at numerous area locations. Individuals with an approved COVID vaccine exemption from the campus are still required to do weekly testing.

Additional testing options include free at-home tests available through the U.S. Postal Service and convenient testing at community sites across Colorado.

Find Testing Resources

Campus Resources & Reminders

  • Mental health resources are available on campus and off for members of the CU Anschutz community.
  • new online tool called FindHelpNow quickly matches you with relevant services and resources when you need them, completely anonymously. 
  • Keep up with Colorado’s latest COVID-19 guidance.

Campus Protocols Webpage


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