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August 30, 2022

Campus COVID-19 Updates are shared with our students, faculty and staff as needed. Please check the campus coronavirus website and your inbox to stay informed.

A Message from Chancellor Elliman

A Safe Start to Fall

As we kick off a busy fall at CU Anschutz, we look forward to coming together to work, learn, study and connect on campus.

Now is a fitting time to ensure each of us is aware of current protocols and safety measures in place on campus, and to familiarize ourselves with the many resources available for members of the CU Anschutz community.


While coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue on a downward trend locally and across our state, COVID-19 is not completely behind us yet. We have set a high bar for campus safety since day one of this pandemic, and we continue to monitor changing conditions, ready to take the steps necessary to safeguard the health of our community. 

Please do your part. Stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines and boosters; self-report when you feel sick or test positive; and take advantage of the many options for testing to protect yourself and those around you. 

Remember, while masks are optional on campus for those up to date on their vaccinations including recommended boosters, anyone may continue wearing a mask and is encouraged to do so at their discretion. Masks are required of everyone in clinical settings. It is important to note that any individual who is exposed to COVID-19 is to wear a mask around others for 10 days, monitor for symptoms and test 5 days after exposure, per recent CDC guidance 

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 conditions against the latest data and public health guidance, and keep you informed of any changes via email and the campus coronavirus website.


Along with much of the country, our state is seeing an increasing number of monkeypox cases among our population. Since May, 203 cases have been reported in Colorado. Our campus is closely monitoring transmission of the virus, in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. You can learn about monkeypox in Colorado by visiting CDPHE’s monkeypox website.

The monkeypox virus is spread through close physical contact and can infect anyone. Illness can begin with flu-like symptoms, and typically includes a rash or skin bumps that can spread throughout the body. While rarely life-threatening, a monkeypox infection can last two to four weeks, and involve isolation from other people and pets.

If you think you could have been exposed to monkeypox, or if you experience symptoms or test positive, our medical and public health professionals are here to help. A response team from the CU Anschutz Occupational Health Division is available at 303-724-4663 or to answer questions and provide confidential, one-on-one guidance. If you are on campus, head home and isolate, and seek testing at your earliest opportunity. If you are exposed to monkeypox and eligible for vaccination, schedule your vaccine immediately for the best protection against developing infection.

Learn more about this virus and how to protect yourself and others, on the campus monkeypox website

Mental Health & Well-Being

Attending to our health and well-being is essential, and there are many resources available to you, both on our campus and off.

Please remember to take care of yourselves and one another, and ask for resources and support when you need them. 

Thank you for doing your part. With your help, we will keep #CUAnschutzTogether and moving forward. 

Here’s to a healthy, productive fall.

Don Elliman

Stay Informed: COVID-19 Protocols & Resources

Take a moment to ensure you are aware of current campus COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.

  • Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. 
    • The CU Anschutz vaccine requirement remains in place, and boosters are highly recommended for eligible students and employees.
    • New employees and students must be fully vaccinated prior to their start date, or in process with their information submitted to our COVID-19 vaccine verification system prior to their start date.
  • Self-report if you have symptoms, feel sick or test positive for COVID-19. Even if you think your symptoms may not be COVID-related, err on the side of caution.
    • Those who are symptomatic, presumptively positive or have tested positive for COVID-19 are not to return to on-campus activity until cleared to do so.
    • Those who are exposed to COVID-19 do not need to self-report, but should wear a mask around others for 10 days, monitor for symptoms and test 5 days after exposure, per recent CDC guidance. Quarantine is no longer required while asymptomatic.
  • Take advantage of COVID-19 testing options to safeguard your health.
    • Order free rapid COVID-19 tests by mail through before Friday, September 2, when the program ends. Every household in the country is eligible for these at-home tests, and a third round is now available at no charge.
  • Consider wearing a well-fitting mask and physical distancing when indoors, in crowded spaces or in the company of others who may prefer to take these precautions.
    • Masks are not currently required of those who are up to date with vaccinations ‒ except when in clinical environments or when required by a specific unit, program or school.
    • Anyone may choose to wear a mask. You are encouraged to do so at your discretion.
    • Individual units, programs and schools may require masking and additional protections should they so choose.
    • Note that some may be required to wear a mask after exposure or illness as part of their return to campus.
    • Campus visitors must follow the same mask protocols as students and employees.

Monkeypox Information: Get the Latest

As monkeypox cases increase in Colorado and around the country, CU Anschutz has created a monkeypox website where you can learn about signs and symptoms, how the virus is spread, and how to protect yourself.

If you think you could have been exposed to monkeypox, or if you experience symptoms or test positive, please contact our response team at 303-724-4663 or for confidential, one-on-one guidance from our medical and public health professionals.

Planning an Event? Know the Protocols

Events are permitted on campus at this time. Details are available on the campus protocols webpage.

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to confirm that attendees are up to date on vaccinations and adhere to campus protocols. Event organizers may ensure vaccination status however they see fit.

Vaccinated event attendees who are not up to date on vaccination, and those who are unvaccinated, must wear a mask and observe physical distancing.

Campus Resources & Reminders

  • Online tool FindHelpNow quickly matches you with relevant services and resources when you need them, completely anonymously.
  • The CU Anschutz Food Pantry is open to students and employees 24/7 in the Strauss Health Sciences Library.
  • Keep up with Colorado’s latest COVID-19 guidance.

Campus Protocols Webpage

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