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NEAR Lite 2021: Preceptor 101

(Recurring Event - Every week on Wednesday)
| 07:00 AM - 08:30 AM Cost/fee: $25
This live series, developed for both novice and more experienced preceptors, delivers a set of powerful tools in a very concise, five-week format that was specifically designed to meet the needs of busy providers. Presented on a highly interactive and interprofessional platform, this program maximizes preceptor engagement and satisfaction, while providing students with the highest quality clinical experience. Bridging the gap between what a student learns in school and the real clinical world is increasingly challenging as health care becomes more complex. Preceptor's guide new employees, new graduates and students through the onboarding and competency validation process of unique clinical environments.
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NEAR Lite: Recorded Session Provider Burnout and Healing in the Face of a Global Pandemic

| 12:10 PM - 07:15 PM
When a clinician exhibits noticeable declines in medical decision making, documentation, bedside manner, or staff interactions, their colleagues and organizations are often quick to blame or punish the person for these behavior changes.Through stories, this session describes the complex realities facing America’s health care weary workforce and offers practical tools for individuals and a systems approach for organizations to redefine health and well-being at work and beyond. Recorded at a live event December 8, 2020.
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