Chancellor's Communique

You Have Made Us Stronger, 3-16-23


Today, March 16th, marks three years to the day since our campus shut down in the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic ‒ and what a three years it has been.

We have faced tremendous challenges head on. Some of us have suffered great loss. We have thought differently, and moved forward courageously. We’ve changed direction, changed again, and learned lessons we surely will never forget. And we have never ‒ even for a moment ‒ lost sight of our vital mission. 

As we mark this milestone, I want to say thank you. Your dedication and perseverance are what have gotten us through all of it. The many ways you have come together have made us stronger. And as a community united by our common purpose, we are something much more than the sum of our parts.

As we embark upon a future full of promise, we do so with undeniable energy and excitement for what is next. And we do so from a place of extraordinary strength. 

That is because of you.

Thank you,

Don Elliman

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