Results of Sexual Misconduct Survey, 4-14-2017

Dear members of the CU Denver | Anschutz community:

Last fall, the Office of Equity conducted a comprehensive survey on the frequency and types of sexual misconduct experienced by CU Denver and CU Anschutz students, faculty and staff. We are writing to share the results of the survey, which will be used to improve the university’s prevention of and response to sexual misconduct and related issues.

The confidential survey, the first of its kind for our community, was sent to more than 30,000 students, faculty and staff. The overall response rate was 16%, representing 1,179 undergraduates, 1,296 graduate students, and 2,616 faculty/staff/affiliates. 

Survey findings indicate that 14.9% of students and 9.6% of faculty/staff/affiliates who responded experienced at least one of the five types of sexual misconduct investigated (sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, intimate partner abuse, and stalking), either on or off campus, since joining CU Denver | Anschutz. Findings also show that 6.8% of all students and 1.6% of faculty/staff/affiliates experienced sexual assault on or off campus since joining the university. These rates are consistent with or lower than national rates of sexual misconduct and sexual assault, although direct comparisons are difficult due to differences in survey questions, populations, and definitions used. For instance, CU Denver | Anschutz is one of very few universities to include faculty and staff in its survey. While our estimates are consistent with or lower than others, we recognize that any amount of sexual misconduct is too much, and as a university, we are strongly dedicated to ending it.

Results also indicate that 40% of all students (36% of graduate students, and 43% of undergraduate students) report understanding the university’s formal procedure for reporting sexual misconduct. Fifty percent of CU Anschutz faculty, staff and affiliates, and 70% of CU Denver faculty, staff and affiliates reported understanding the university’s formal procedure for reporting sexual misconduct. Read more detailed survey findings here. You may also contact the Office of Equity if you’d like them to present the survey findings to your unit.

We have already begun using these findings to inform and improve the university’s ongoing prevention, education and response efforts related to all forms of sexual misconduct. Office of Equity staff are meeting with key stakeholder groups, holding focus groups with students, staff and faculty, and redoubling efforts in the area of training and prevention. You will hear more from the Office of Equity regarding additional opportunities for training.

We welcome your input on the climate survey or more generally on the issue of sexual misconduct by email at To learn more about the campus’ ongoing work to address sexual misconduct, visit the Office of Equity website.

The phrase “Respect Expected” has become synonymous over the past two years with the responsibility we as a community share in combatting sexual misconduct against our students, faculty and staff. As we begin the next phase in our efforts to address this issue, we are fully and deeply committed to creating a safer and more supportive climate for our entire campus community.


Don Elliman
Chancellor, CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Dorothy Horrell
Chancellor, CU Denver
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