Chancellor's Communique

National Doctor's Day, 3-30-20

Dear Colleagues,


Today marks the 86th National Doctors Day and, now more than ever, we say thank you to the doctors - and each and every one of the healthcare providers - on our campus and across the country.

Our campus received nearly 1,500 messages of gratitude and support for our entire community of clinical staff on the front lines of perhaps the most complex healthcare challenge of our time.

In addition to well wishes, generous patients, alumni and benefactors contributed $1,060,000, and counting, to the Health Care Worker Emergency Relief Fund, established to provide emergency financial assistance and mental health support for the nurses, doctors, researchers, environmental workers and staff protecting and caring for those who are relying on us.

We shared this video today, and we’ve included a few examples of the words of gratitude from our community below. 


“Think back to the day you chose a career in medicine. THAT was the luckiest day in [the] life of every patient you will help today. Godspeed.”

“Dear doctors and all helpers, you have protected my life and made it more worthwhile. I feel so lucky to have had the benefit of your education, kindness and hard work. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.”

“Every single person in the medical environment deserves all the thanks in the world for dedicating your lives and time to the health and welfare of each of us.” 

Share your own message to let others know you are thinking of them.

On this day, and every day, we extend our deepest gratitude to those selflessly and courageously delivering the finest care to those who need it most, and pioneering new discoveries with untold potential for the future.

Don Elliman


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