Chancellor's Communique

Looking Ahead, 3-4-21

Dear students, faculty and staff,

As we shared yesterday, Colorado is making progress in its vaccine distribution effort, and has recently added a new phase including student-facing higher education faculty and staff. This is encouraging news as we cast our sights to the months ahead, and we look forward to sharing more information as it becomes available.

Return to Campus

While progress on the vaccination front offers light at the end of the tunnel, we are not out of the tunnel yet. Throughout the pandemic, our measured approach to essential return to campus activity has proven effective. We will continue to set a high bar for our campus community, guided at all times by the science, the data and a deep commitment to your safety. 

As we look ahead, we can expect our current hybrid model to remain in place for the time being. Everything that can be done remotely will continue to be done remotely through the coming months. 

The limited in-person research and educational activity currently approved to take place on campus will remain on campus as it is operating today, provided conditions remain stable. Our administrative units that are operating productively with most or all staff members working remotely will continue to do so.


The CU Anschutz community has done an outstanding job keeping campus safe, open and operational. To keep us informed of the latest on-campus protocols, an update to our required training launched this month. Titled “CU: COVID-19 Return to Campus-CU Anschutz (2021 update),” this training is required of all students, faculty and staff by March 31. It should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. Thank you for ensuring you are up to date.


We have received questions about plans for university-related travel. We ask that you please plan for such travel to remain suspended through at least the month of May, when we will revisit this decision in light of circumstances at that time, knowing many areas will be planning ahead for fall meetings and events.

It has been nearly one year since our campus pivoted rapidly in the face of the pandemic, and I am proud of the many ways we have come together in common purpose. I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice, flexibility and determination throughout these many months, and your continued partnership and vigilance as we see this historic challenge through. While it has been anything but easy, you have helped keep the CU Anschutz community healthy, safe and moving forward together.

Thank you for doing your part,

Don Elliman
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