Chancellor's Communique

Getting Help & Giving Help for the Marshall & Middle Fork Fires, 1-4-22

Dear students, faculty and staff,

The widespread devastation caused by last Thursday’s Marshall and Middle Fork fires in Boulder County is hard to fathom. As the thousands of people and families affected begin to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy, the CU Anschutz community offers our support.

We have begun reaching out to members of our campus community who may have been personally impacted by the fires, as well as made emergency resources available for students and employees directly affected.

How to Get Help If Affected

If you have been personally affected by the Marshall or Middle Fork fires, we are here to help.

Governor Polis’ office has assembled information and resources for those affected, and the Boulder Office of Emergency Management continues to update its website.

We will continue to do all we can to uplift those members of our campus community who are experiencing unimaginable loss as they begin the long road to recovery. Please know you are not alone.

How to Support Those Impacted by the Fires

As noted last Friday, there are a number of ways to give to emergency relief efforts, including the CU Anschutz Emergency Relief Fund. To accelerate our collective efforts to bolster this source of support, we have created a matching gift opportunity, launching immediately. 

CU Anschutz Emergency Relief Fund: Matching Your Gifts
To provide those most affected with emergency funds as quickly as we can, our campus will match the first $25,000 in gifts made to this fund dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your generous support for those members of the CU Anschutz community who are in need. Make a gift of any size through January 31, and we will match your gift with a contribution in the same amount.

University of Colorado Marshall Fire Support Fund
We are working closely with the CU System to help those impacted throughout the broader University of Colorado community as well. All gifts made through January 14 to the University of Colorado Marshall Fire Support Fund will be distributed to students, faculty and staff throughout CU who have been impacted by the fires.

Other Ways to Help
You can find other opportunities to offer financial support or volunteer to assist with recovery efforts using the links below.

Stronger Together

Our community has proven again and again that we are strong, resilient and deeply supportive of one another. Let us draw upon our collective strength and resilience and do all we can for those impacted, as they begin to repair and rebuild their lives in the wake of devastating loss. 

With gratitude,

Don Elliman