Chancellor's Communique

Evaluation of dual campus efficiencies, 10-10-2017

Dear Colleagues,

Two years ago, our university made the strategic decision to appoint separate chancellors for the Anschutz and Denver campuses. This move was intended to provide each campus with the leadership focus required to achieve excellence in carrying out its unique mission. With this goal in mind, and as we have acted in these roles and established new initiatives, both jointly and separately, it has become clear to us that further efficiencies and enhancements should be considered.

We are writing today to announce the launch of an effort to evaluate a path forward that allows us to identify these efficiencies and enhancements across both campuses. What that means in real terms is the beginning of a process to identify the reorganization of some functional areas of our campus operations. In addition, we will evaluate areas of brand and identity and other elements that will support the distinctive needs and opportunities for each campus while continuing to get the most from the initiatives, programs and efforts we share.

We are and will continue to be in close contact with the Higher Learning Commission as this work unfolds. We intend to try to preserve the single accreditation of the Anschutz and Denver campuses under the leadership of a single provost. We hope to build on opportunities to strengthen and expand our shared academic programs, particularly related to professional health, and maximize new strategic investments in areas such as digital education.

We are now in the process of engaging consultants to assist us in carrying out this study and expect to determine a timeline for final recommendations in the near future. While we understand any such undertaking can be a distraction, we ask that each of you maintain your focus and attention on doing the important work you do every day. We commit to sharing updates on the status of this process and any decisions that are made in an open and timely manner.

While at this point there are unknowns, what we can be clear on is that the aim of this work is to enhance our collective abilities to achieve excellence in fulfilling our respective missions, and to enable processes and systems that make doing that as easy, effective, and efficient as possible. We thank you in advance for your understanding, support, and assistance in this endeavor.


Don Elliman
CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Dorothy Horrell
CU Denver​


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