Chancellor's Communique

Congratulations to the Class of 2023, 5-18-23

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Next Monday, we will gather for commencement, honoring our spring graduates at a campuswide ceremony preceding the school, college and program convocations that follow. 

This is a joyous moment for our campus community, as we bring graduates, their families and friends together with our faculty and staff to celebrate the time-honored tradition of commencement. 

We look forward to proudly sending off our spring graduates as they embark on diverse careers in medicine and health after years of hard work and dedication.

We also take this occasion to thank our faculty and staff for the tremendous impact they have every day as educators, role models and mentors. 

Congratulations, graduates. We commend you for your achievements and wish you all the best wherever your journey is taking you next. 


Don Elliman

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