Chancellor's Communique

Announcing the Anschutz Acceleration Initiative, 6-6-23

Dear students, faculty and staff,

We are pleased to share some exciting news. The Anschutz Foundation, our longtime philanthropic partner and campus namesake, has made a $50 million gift that will provide funding for healthcare innovations that are poised to make direct patient impact in the next three to five years.

The Anschutz Acceleration Initiative will make available up to seven awards of $5 million to $15 million each to speed the development of next-generation medical treatments and preventive care, drive innovation in patient care and transform healthcare delivery. 

Find out more details on the Anschutz Acceleration Initiative webpage.

With a focus on accelerating translational and clinical innovation spanning disciplines and diseases, the Anschutz Acceleration Initiative will advance medical treatments and healthcare solutions with the capacity to improve the lives of people everywhere, and to do so in the near term. 

Whether through prevention or population health, novel therapeutic development, new treatments and diagnostics, cutting-edge devices or health technologies, or other approaches to care, this tremendous resource will launch bold initiatives with transformative potential. 

Your work has inspired this remarkable gift, and we look forward to the ambitious, boundary-pushing projects that will take off with funding through the Anschutz Acceleration Initiative. 

Please join us in celebrating this special philanthropic investment from The Anschutz Foundation and all that this initiative will make possible for our campus and those we serve.


Don Elliman

John J. Reilly, Jr., MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Dean, School of Medicine

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