Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI is having a moment. With the meteoric rise of ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI-driven tools have come curiosity, excitement and more than a few concerns. It is an exhilarating time as AI technologies grow and evolve at tremendous speed, impacting nearly every aspect of our lives. 

What does it all mean for health and medicine?

While there are ample reasons to be wary of the power of such technologies if left unchecked, the wonders of AI are far too profound to ignore. 

Here at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, we are embracing wonder, taking risks and doubling down on investments in the AI space. We are harnessing these technological forces to better understand illness and disease, better personalize care, and save and improve lives. And we are setting the highest bar for data integrity, security and transparency in our use of these tools, considering bias and inequity, and acknowledging that we do not know what we do not yet know.

Leading the AI Revolution

As AI transforms the healthcare landscape and the very practice of medicine, we have extraordinary teams exploring new frontiers and highly connected resources that position us to go full speed ahead. 

We showcased some of the faculty on our campus who are leading the AI revolution in science and medicine at our Transforming Healthcare Lecture series earlier this month. They shared their views of the future opportunities, the big questions in need of answers, and highlights of AI applications already in play on our campus. You can read about their work and watch the event recording below.

At CU Anschutz, innovation is not just an opportunity but a requirement, and what more fertile ground than AI to stake a claim. The work already underway is shaping health and medicine in fundamental ways, and untold possibilities lie just ahead.


Don Elliman

Don Elliman

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