Masks and Face Coverings at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus

July 30, 2020

The State of Colorado’s mandatory mask order, issued July 16, and CDPHE guidance on masks and facial coverings in the workplace impact mask usage on our campus. 

Here are answers to common mask-related questions:

Do I have to wear a mask indoors at all times?

  • Yes, wear your mask or face covering at all times when indoors on campus. This includes hallways, elevators, breakrooms, restrooms and all other public indoor spaces.
  • The only exception is when you are working alone in a completely enclosed workspace (with a ceiling, four walls, and a closed door). 
    • Cubicles and open-air offices/laboratories are not completely enclosed, so you must wear a mask at all times when in such workspaces, even when workstations are spaced 6 feet or more from others.
    • If you are working alone in a completely enclosed workspace and another person enters the room, you must put your mask back on.

Do I need to wear a mask outside?

  • Yes, you are encouraged to wear your mask or face covering outdoors on campus at all times. It is permissible to remove your mask outdoors only when you are able to safely keep at least 6 feet from all other people. This includes parking lots, walkways, public transportation/shuttle bus waiting areas and all other outdoor campus spaces.

What about when I’m eating lunch or taking a coffee break?

  • You must wear a mask when entering or exiting a dining space or breakroom.
  • When seated, you may remove your mask to eat and drink, but must put it back on when you stand up to use the restroom or to leave the dining space or breakroom.
  • If dining outdoors, ensure you are at least 6 feet from others before removing your mask to eat and drink.
  • More information is detailed in the CDPHE’s restaurant and dining guidance.

Will the campus provide me with a mask?

  • No, the campus will not provide masks at this time, with the exception of PPE provided in some clinical settings. 
  • Bring your own mask or face covering with you to campus every day for approved on-campus activity. This CDC video shows you how to make your own mask.

What type of mask is acceptable? How do I keep it clean?

  • A homemade cloth mask, disposable mask or other facial covering is acceptable, as long as it fits snugly but comfortably, and covers both your nose and mouth. 
  • A face shield is not an acceptable substitute.
  • Wash your hands frequently when putting on and taking off your mask, and avoid touching your face covering unnecessarily.
  • Launder or discard and replace your mask daily.

Masks are an essential element of the CU Anschutz safety protocols in place to help prevent the spread of disease. Help yourself and others stay safe by wearing your mask, washing your hands frequently, and maintaining physical distancing.

Learn more about masks and face coverings, and find answers to other common questions, on the CDPHE and CDC websites. 

Submit your questions on the return to campus webpage.