PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Procurement at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus


For PPE questions and procurement issues, your COVID official is your first line of contact. If you do not know who this is you should ask your supervisor/unit head first. If you need further help, contact PPEProcurement@cuanschutz.edu.

In these times of limited PPE availability and ordering challenges, the CU system and university have instituted new purchasing procedures to ensure we can procure, as much as possible, your necessary PPE.

PPE Ordering & Shipping Instructions:

What can I order and how do I do it?

To order the following departmental use items, please use the CU Marketplace. Details can be found here in the PSC (Procurement Service Center) Communicator Newsletter.

Which address do I use?

Use your normal ship-to address, as delivery services have appropriate access to university buildings.

General ordering and stocking comments:

  • Consider having at least a 90-day supply on hand. Stocks are limited in the U.S., and as cases fluctuate availability does as well.
  • Lead time for receiving orders is significantly longer than historical norms.
  • If you have questions about PPE use or alternatives please reach out to PPEProcurement@cuanschutz.edu

Departmental CU Marketplace Orderable Items:

  • Bouffant caps
  • Face shields
  • Nitrile gloves (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Shoe covers
  • Surgical masks

Campus Centralized Order Process Items (demonstrated need and use required):

  • Gowns
  • N95 masks (specific masks are nearly impossible to procure)
  • Bulk cleaning, sanitization, protection items
  • Supplies related to screening

Campus Centralized Ordering FAQs:

Why are there restrictions on masks?

  • Normal daily-wear masks (such as cloth face masks) should be personal masks worn by employees when coming into the workplace. CU does not supply this type of mask for daily work.
  • Masks are in short supply, and we want to ensure our medical professionals rendering care have adequate supply of needed PPE. If there were to be a medical shortage, research should be stopped again to allow for medical care to continue. 

Are there alternatives to gowns?

  • Will a lab coat work sufficiently? Did you know that EH&S has a service to launder lab coats? Contact ehs.compliance@ucdenver.edu for more info.

When should I use a mask?

Is a reusable mask the right option for my research/clinical research/other group or activity?

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