Certificate in Health Humanities and Ethics

​A total of 12 credit hours in approved courses is required to complete the Certificate in Health Humanities and Ethics. 

  • All students must complete the two required foundation courses (HEHE 5000 and HEHE 5100), which comprise 6 of the total required 12 credit hours.
  • Selections from the approved elective course list will satisfy the remaining 6 credit hours.
    (To count a course toward the Certificate that is not on the approved list requires prior written approval of the Program Director.)

Within the elective credit hours, at least 3 hours must be within courses designated as “Specialized Courses in Health Ethics." 
Within the elective credit hours, at least 3 hours must be within courses designated as “Specialized Courses in Health Humanities.”

TestimonialBe aware that:
  1.  A grade of at least a “B” is required for a course to count toward the Certificate. 
  2.  No more than 12 credit hours can be transferred into a corresponding Master’s degree. 
  3.  The Graduate School limits transfer credits: “With program approval, non-degree seeking students  may apply one graduate course (5000 level or above and no more than 3 credits) to a Graduate Certificate.” 
  4.  Graduate courses in which a student enrolls to fulfill the requirement of a Graduate Certificate are not  eligible for financial aid.
The Graduate School requires the following for program completion:

Upon completing or registering for all program-required coursework, students must file a Graduate Certificate Completion form with the Graduate School no later than the posted graduation deadline during the semester in which they plan to have their certificate awarded.  

After confirmation that all program requirements have been fulfilled and that a minimum total GPA of 3.0 has been earned, the Program Director will sign the Completion Form and forward it to the Graduate School for final approval. The Graduate School will complete the approval process and award a Certificate of Accomplishment to the graduate certificate student.

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