Colorado Offered Prison Staff 500 Dollars to Boost COVID Vaccinations Two Months Ago. Around 40% Remain Unpoked


How COVID-19 Will Help Denver Doctors Revolutionize Health Care

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Jandel Allen-Davis, MD
Presentation by Jandel Allen-Davis, MD, President and CEO of Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital that exclusively specializes in the neurorehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. This is the 6th event in the lecture series: Enhancing Wellness for Healthcare Professionals through Engagement with the Arts, sponsored by the Colorado Resiliency Arts Lab. Click to RSVP>>
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Holding hands: Office Public Guardian _CHEF
The Colorado Office of Public Guardianship (OPG) Pilot Program was established in the Fall of 2019 to serve indigent and incapacitated adults. The Colorado OPG has four Public Guardians that are court-appointed to serve as guardian for clients that have no other family or friends to serve them. Join Sophia M. Alvarez, J.D., M.S., Director, Colorado OPG and Camille Price, Public Guardian, Colorado OPG at this webinar sponsored by the Colorado Health Ethics Forum. Details and RSVP>>
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