Courses begin week of August 26th

Registration opens for Fall 2024 courses July 1st:

HEHE 5655, Sec 001Earth, Covid, population graphic

Introduction to Public Health Ethics (3 credit hours)
Daniel Goldberg, JD, PhD




HEHE 5550 Sec 003 (Listed as Independent Study in Course Book)Tanzania Hospital painting

Global Health Humanities  (3 credit hours)
Kathryn Rhine, PhD




HEHE Complete Course List in the Certificate Program


1. Enrollment in the Certificate programs permits students to take courses on either campus. 
2. All courses are subject to revision at the discretion of the Program Director. 
3. To count a course not on the approved elective list toward the Certificate requires the prior
    written approval of the Program Director, Dr. Daniel Goldberg.

4. Courses are open to all students, but special registration procedures may apply.
    Please contact Laurie Munro for information.


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