WiSTEM Symposium

7th Annual Women in STEM Symposium:

A Toolkit for Career Success


Women in STEM Symposium focused on "A Toolkit for Career Success" and was followed by a Networking & Awards Banquet where our annual awards were announced.

The Symposium included:

  • Keynote: "Building Your Brand" with Sarah Trzeciak
  • "Shining a Light on the Application and Interviewing Process" with Jordan Haas in collaboration with Academia Industry Alliance (AIA)
  • "Optimizing Energy" with Emma Buerger and Mandy Spohrer in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson
  • "Microaggressions/Upstander Training" with Dr. Rita Lee
  • "Developing a Professional Presence Online" with Laurie Sein
  • "Burnout, Mind, and Body" with Emily Hemendinger
  • Headshots with Sara Gookin
  • "Career Options Within and Outside of Academia" with Dr. Matt Osmond, Dr. Stephanie Marroquin, Dr. Matthew Jonsen, Dr. Melissa Gonzales, and Ivy Brown
  • "Imposter Syndrome" with Dr. Megan Jewell, Theresa Welle, Dr. Emily Bates, and Dr. Cristin Welle
  • "Navigating Disagreements in the Face of Power" with Debbie Lammers in collaboration with Human Resources
  • "Effective Team Management and Team Science" with Dr. Jenni Cross in collaboration with Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISS) and Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI)
  • "Improving Youth Outreach" in collaboration with Neuroscience Outreach Group (NOG) and Think Like a Scientist (TLaS)
  • "Strategies for Effective Negotiations" with Meng Xiao
  • "International Professionals in STEM" with Dr. Cristina Cenciarelli and Jennie Szumski in collaboration with the Transition & Engagement Team from the Office of International Affairs

2023 Symposium & Awards Photos

WhiteBackground_WiSTEM Symposium 2023 Initial Poster (8.5 x 11 in)

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