In order to celebrate the accomplishments of CU Anschutz Postdocs, we started the Postdoc of the Month program. Postdoc of the Month is intended to reward individuals for their accomplishments - whether it be publishing an awesome paper or just bringing a smile to work every day to cleaning the freezer. Recipients of this award receive a small gift from the PDA.

The Postdoc of the Month for October 2022 is Stephanie Ander, PhD.

Dr. Ander is a postdoc working in the Morrison Laboratory in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology. She is studying how the immune system can recognize and eliminate mosquito-transmitted viruses from the circulating blood, which has implications for disease severity and viral transmissions. Recently, she was awarded to AAI Young Investigator Award at the Colorado Immunology and Microbiology Conference.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @StephAnder_PhD

POTM October 2022

How to Nominate a Postdoc

All awardees are nominated to the PDA, so we encourage you to suggest the name of your favorite postdoc (even if it's yourself).

Nominations can be sent to PDA email - just tell us the name of your nominee and why they deserve to be Postdoc of the Month.

How Awardees are Chosen

We select the postdoc of the month each month by using a random number generator to choose one postdoc from our list of nominees.

Past Postdoc of the Month Awardees

September 2022: Lyndsey S. Crump, PhD

August 2022: Nemanja Useinovic, MD

July 2022: Julia Derk, , PhD

June 2022: James Martin, PharmD

May 2022: Rebecca Keogh, , PhD

April 2022: Rachel Blomberg, PhD