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Research Areas

  • Utilizing and integrating telehealth platforms for the assessment and treatment of older adults with medically complex conditions
  • Providing progressive rehabilitation and behavioral interventions in a virtual setting after COVID-19 illness
  • Adapting rehabilitation interventions for telehealth settings including individuals after total joint replacement, COVID-19, and medically complex older adults
  • Establishing effective methods to administer outcomes assessments and treatments remotely, using wearable technologies
  • Pursuing pragmatic trials to implement rehabilitation interventions in a variety of settings including skilled nursing, home health, and outpatient settings
  • Implementing personalized, predictive analytics combined with shared decision making to inform post-operative rehabilitation
  • Engaging in approaches to reducing unproductive variability in clinical practice
  • Pursing functional outcomes across disciplines to better inform preventive care

Learn more about the ACCORDS Dissemination and Implementation Training References contributed by local experts and other collaborators.

  • Leading innovative, multimodal rehabilitation interventions that focus on defining the optimal combination of interventions and dosing to accelerate recovery following injury or disease
  • Engaging in comparative effectiveness trials to determine efficacy and effectiveness of physical therapy approaches in individuals
  • Leveraging wearables and innovative technology to improve rehabilitation outcomes
  • Performing predictive analytics to inform shared decision-making and improve patient outcomes and experiences
  • Leveraging individual-level data in clinical practice
  • Implementing collaborative care models to promote patient self-efficacy
  • Identifying functional changes in real-time and enhancing interventions and outcomes by leveraging technology, including the use of wearable technology.
  • Determining mechanisms of muscle atrophy and hypertrophy that contribute to movement dysfunction and early functional decline after surgery.
  • Investigating rehabilitation's impact on healthcare utilization
  • Leveraging 'Big Data' to inform practice guidelines