REhabilitation STrategies fOR agEing adults (RESTORE)


RESTORE is a collaborative team committed to optimizing older adult movement and quality-of-life through innovative research and educational excellence.


RESTORE will be a world class leader in rehabilitation research and education by transforming the lives of older adults through movement innovation.


  1. Integrating innovative methods, new technologies and focused collaborations with diverse stakeholder groups
  2. Efficiently translating high-impact rehabilitation research to health care systems and consumers that directly achieve the Quadruple Aim objectives: improving the experience of care, improve the health of communities, and reducing the cost of healthcare
  3. Building engaging research experiences that challenge and educate the next generation of rehabilitation scientists
  4. Retaining and recruiting exceptional team members that are committed to a culture of collaboration and translational research excellence
  5. Leveraging the advantages of a growing, vibrant research and technology community at the foot of the Rocky Mountains