Microbiology Program

Microbiology Program

Microbiology Program

Microbiology Program

Microbiology Program

The Doctoral Program in Microbiology provides advanced training and education for students with the desire and ability to thrive in a stimulating, research-oriented graduate program leading to careers in science in the academic, governmental, or private sectors.

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October 17-21, 2022

The CU Anschutz Biomedical PhD Expo is a week-long virtual showcase of our biomedical science PhD programs. Programs will host individual information sessions and answer all of your questions about student life, research, admissions, and more!

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Anna Burnet


Anna Burnet, PhD student, Rochford Lab

Anna Burnet is a fourth-year student in Dr. Rosemary Rochford’s lab. The Rochford lab studies EBV and malaria as well as KSHV in collaboration with labs in Kenya and Uganda. Anna’s research project focuses on synergistic events between EBV and malaria that contribute to EBV-associated Burkitt lymphoma pathogenesis. During graduate school she has received a T32 award, presented posters at numerous local meetings including the annual Rocky Mountain Virology Club meeting, the Colorado Immunology and Microbiology conference, the MPID symposium, and will be attending the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene this fall in Seattle.

When Anna is out of the lab she enjoys caring for her horses, exploring the endless backcountry of Colorado via hiking and snowshoeing, high altitude gardening, and spending time with her husband Derek and cat Molly. The best piece of advice Anna has for new graduate students is to take good care of yourself both mentally and physically; life doesn’t stop happening while you’re in graduate school.


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