Awards and Fellowships

  • 2022 Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Individual Predoctoral Fellowship (F31) - Joshua Kirsch
  • 2021 C. Werner and Kitty Hirs Merit Award - Amber Nguyen  
  • 2nd place Graduate Student Oral Presentation, Rocky Mountain Branch ASM Meeting Fall 2021 - Laurie Lyon 
  • Wind River Conference on Prokaryotic Biology 2022 Travel Award - Laurie Lyon 
  • Instructor SEA-PHAGES course on campus in partnership with Aurora Community College - Emma Sheriff 
  • Runner Up Best Graduate Student Poster at the Rocky Mountain Branch - American Society for Microbiology - Shelby Andersen 
  • AGI SMRT Sequencing Grant - Haider Manzer 
  • 3rd place graduate student talk, 21st Annual Rocky Mountain Virology Association meeting - Monica Graham 
  • N.E.B. Gisela Monsig award for excellence in bacteriophage research - Cydney Johnson 

Molecular Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases T32


  • Joshua Kirsch
  • Laurie Lyon
  • Anna Burnet
  • Klara Keim

Thesis Defenses

  • Sarah Stonedahl- Tyler 
  • Ashley Knox- Van Dyk 
  • Morgan Severn- Horswill 
  • Cydney Johnson- Duerkop 
  • Rachel Neve- Phelan 
  • Hadrian Sparks- Beckham 


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Posters Presentations

  • RNA Society Meeting- Elizabeth Spear 
  • 2022 Streptococcal Biology Gordon Research Conference Symposium- Madeline Akbari 
  • 2022 Streptococcal Biology Gordon Research Seminar Symposium- Madeline Akbari 
  • 2021 Molecular Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease Symposium- Madeline Akbari 
  • 2022- Positive Strand RNA Viruses Keystone Symposia, Keystone, CO- Cormac Lucas  
  • American Society for Virology 41st Annual meeting- Monica Graham 
  • 2022 Keystone Symposia Positive-Strand RNA Viruses- Monica Graham 
  • 2022 A mobile plasmid of Enterococcus faecalis encodes an anti-phage system, American Society of Microbiology Microbe, Washington, DC- Cydney Johnson  

Oral Presentations

  • 2022 Wind River Conference on Prokaryotic Biology- Laurie Lyon 
  • 2022 Wind River Conference on Prokaryotic Biology- Haider Manzer 
  • 2021 Mountain Virology Conference, Pingree Park, CO- Cormac Lucas 
  • 21st Annual Rocky Mountain Virology Association meeting- Monica Graham 
  • Rocky Mountain ASM Branch Meeting, Online- Cydney Johnson 
  • American Society of Microbiology Microbe, Washington, DC- Cydney Johnson

Comprehensive Exams Completed

  • Madeline Akbari 
  • Kaylee Mickens 
  • Julie Raab 
  • Elizabeth Spear 

New Thesis Laboratories

  • Shelby Andersen - Duerkop 
  • Shirli Cohen- Doran 
  • Timothy Enroth- Horswill 
  • Reed Haney- Kvaratskhelia 
  • Alyx Job- Doran 
  • Amber Nguyen- Horswill 
  • Elena Wall- Lozupone